Is reading tarot cards credible or effective?

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Anneliese Möller
For me this is pure hocus-pocus. I can't imagine how card reading works on the PC. Then my computer would be like the Delphi Oracle in the 21st century. I don't think you can put tarot online because you can't come up with reasonable statements. There is too much technology and too little intuition involved. I would never do that, nor do I believe in horoscopes.
Mathias Becker
Why not? There are sophisticated programs for this. I imagine it to be like the chess computer. At the end of the day, it's just like going to a fortune teller. I think tarot online is even better, firstly it doesn't cost anything. In addition, you remain anonymous and do not have to come out with your problems. I think it's good that some question variants are possible.
Josef Pfeiffer
I imagine that this has something to do with the subconscious, like C.G. Jung described. I have used tarot online several times when I had a question about an unhappy love or things didn't go well at my job. The online interpretations were important help for me. You just have to believe in it. Just give it a try, there are several web addresses for it.
Do you believe in santa claus Why should any stranger be able to mix paper cards and pictures and read the future from them?

If other people could read the future, they would predict the lottery numbers and retire.

Palm readers, taro card readers, etc. are people who pay close attention to what you say and how you say it. Most of the time, they give answers that may or may not mean anything.

I would rather put my money into a session with a trained psychologist than into a scammer who claims to be able to read the future. A qualified psychologist (who pays the cash register, by the way!) Is trained to help people identify and cope with their problems.
There is a cheaper solution: grind the coffee, brew it, pour it off, drink the coffee and then use the coffee grounds to help you decide!
First of all, tarot cards are not intended or intended to predict the future. Nobody can do that. A presentation is intended to analyze the current situation and its causes and provide information on possible solutions.
The parallel to the psychologist is not bad at all - just like a fortune teller, he asks questions in order to narrow down "problem areas". The art of the thing lies in the person carrying it out! This is exactly where the problem lies with online spreadsheets: they do not address people, but are more of a coincidence.
My Opinion: Online spreadsheets are not very helpful for decision-making aids, but a good tarot card reader is.
You can recognize good tarot card readers by the fact that they do not want to "predict the future" for you and also do not speak to you by the mouth, but first lay out the cards, then ask a few questions - and then tell you things from your life that you might don't want to hear at all .... ;-)
All the best for your decision!
Of course, it can be a decision-making aid. But a cube is comparatively no worse.
Good day,
I came across this interesting question by chance and would like to express my opinion here.

On one of my favorite tarot pages I came across a nice description that made me think and that I would like to quote here.

"Tarot needs personal contact

Many people use tarot programs for card reading. It is certainly very nice and can help you to deal with the tarot better yourself. However, when reading cards you need personal contact with the tarot. Here with us you will therefore find tarot card reading via webcam. Of course, you also have the option of having cards read by phone or email. However, with tarot we always recommend having the cards laid out live. You are very close to reading the cards, see every card and are in constant conversation with the advisor. "
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