What are French cuffs called in French?

The cuff

In the past, shirt sleeves were closed with cufflinks, but nowadays buttons are already sewn on to the vast majority of men's shirts. This in turn resulted in different variants of the sleeve cuffs.

For example, one differentiates between Adjustable sports cuff or the Sport cuff double button. The difference lies in the way the buttons are attached. If the buttons on the adjustable sports cuff are attached next to each other, the buttons on the double button sports cuff are attached one above the other and both are closed. Further sub-modifications are, for example, the type of cuffs. You can find these in angular, but also rounded.

Sports cuff, adjustable

The sports cuff with two adjustable buttons is undisputedly the standard cuff for a man's shirt. No wonder, it goes well with the business shirt, the casual shirt and even the finer shirt looks no less fine thanks to a sports cuff.

Sport cuff, double button

Another variant of the sports cuffs. This cuff shape is characterized by two buttons on top of each other.

Combination cuff

The combination cuff combines the properties of the sports cuff with those of a double cuff. So this cuff can be closed with the attached buttons or with cufflinks.

French cuff

The classic is and will of course remain that French cuff or also French cuff (English: French cuff). With this cuff shape, the lower part of the cuff is turned over and fixed with a cuff link.
If the shirt and cufflinks harmonize with each other, this is a sign of the good taste of the wearer and the cufflinks adorn the wearer as a piece of jewelry.

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Short sleeve

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