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The 7 safest diapers for the night

You sleep peacefully in bed with your wife, the baby next door. The baby monitor crackles and disturbs your sleep before you are suddenly wide awake. The baby is crying. A wet diaper quickly leads to sleepless nights and tears on your nerves. If you find the best diaper for the night, you enable your entire family to get a good night's sleep. Here you pay attention to which product your child reacts positively to. A good diaper is comfortable for the offspring to wear and absorbs sufficient liquid.

We have put together a recommendation from the most popular products: We have queried some of the products in our Netpapa Community.

With a good diaper, the comfortable feeling for your child comes first. The diaper does not leave any marks on the delicate baby skin and adapts to the movements of the little one. If your child feels constricted by the product, they will start crying. In contrast, a loose diaper leads to the loss of fluid. Thus, the damp sheets lead to the dissatisfaction of your baby. You can recognize the best diaper for the night by its good wearing comfort and the quality of the material.

What is the best and safest diaper for the night?

Top rated No. 4
Pampers Baby-Dry diapers size 4 (9-14 kg), ... *
  • As dry in the morning as when you go to bed
  • 3 absorbent channels: help to distribute moisture evenly for a drier feeling compared to previous Pampers diapers
  • Absorbent Micro Pearls: Micro Pearls absorb moisture and lock it in for up to 12 hours
  • Stretchable side cuffs: ensure a comfortable fit with increased leakage protection for the night
Top rated # 1
Muumi Baby newborn ecological diapers size 2, 3-6 kg, 58 ... *
  • CLINICALLY APPROVED SKIN-FRIENDLY - Our eco-diaper is made of high-quality and sustainable materials for your baby's sensitive skin
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS - Our diapers are 100% chlorine-free (TCF) and contain no added perfumes or toxins
  • ALLERGY LABEL - Our organic diapers are produced in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Association. This is how we guarantee the safety of your baby's skin
  • HIGH SUCTION - The shape and fit as well as the high absorbency of our disposable diapers ensure that the diapers will not leak

What are the advantages of the night diaper?

The diaper for the night has properties that ensure a pleasant and predominantly dry night's sleep for your child. In this case, the absorbency of the product is of great importance. As soon as the liquid escapes, your child will feel the wetness in his bed and feel uncomfortable. In the worst case, this condition completely interrupts the little one's sleep and he starts to cry. For your partner and you, in addition to the nervous strain, there is also concern for the well-being of the offspring.

Therefore, you make sure to get a high-absorbent diaper for the night. Thanks to a thick layer of fabric, the product has the ability to completely absorb the liquid without leaking moisture on the sides of the diaper. In addition, there are diapers that convert them into gel, so that there is additional leakage protection. Furthermore, a good diaper is presented for the night:

  • comfortable for the baby,
  • in the right size,
  • soft,
  • with enough storage space for an additional absorbent pad
  • and breathable.

The size of the night diaper plays an important role here, as there is space in the product for absorbent pads. These make it more comfortable for the child to carry as they reliably absorb the liquid. Just like the absorbent layer already in the diaper, the inserts have tiny spheres of gel. If the liquid hits these elements, they expand and thus hold the moisture inside.

What material is the diaper made of?

With a good diaper for the night, comfort for the baby comes first. Here you make sure that no allergic reactions or other irritations occur on your child's skin. Disposable and cloth diapers hardly differ from the ecological balance. This is the result of the study “An updated lifecycle assessment study for disposable and reusable nappies” from 2008.

The synthetic material of the disposable diapers triggers the diaper rash in sensitive children more quickly than diapers made of cloth. If your offspring cries at night even though there is no moisture in the diaper, examine the baby's abdomen for the red rash. In order for the skin of your child to recuperate, you can use the cloth diapers for a while, for example. Here you observe how your baby reacts to the product and in this way decide which material the offspring prefers.

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