Which IT industry does a chemical engineer hire?

Labor market: Demand for engineers falls sharply

Engineers are much less wanted in the second quarter of 2020. This is the result of the Hays specialist index engineering. How to find a job anyway.

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Engineers are coveted specialists - but demand collapsed in the second quarter of 2020. The reason is the corona pandemic, according to the Hays specialist index engineering. The index is at its lowest level since 2015. Even in the first survey in 2020, a further decline in demand was predicted.

Declines in job vacancies

In particular, the demand for automation engineers (- 59 points to 96) and test engineers (- 41 points to 66) has fallen sharply. But not every area is equally affected. The decline was lowest among production engineers (- 6 points to 100), followed by chemical engineers (- 14 points to 78) and construction engineers (- 19 points to 46).

Development engineers for drive technology can speak of an all-time low. They only have 27 points in the Hays index. Calculation engineers (33), development engineers for automotive (34) and production engineers (35) are currently much less in demand than in the first quarter of 2015 (reference value 100).

Job advertisements in the public administration remained stable

Only the job market in public administration remained stable in the 2nd quarter of 2020. Otherwise, every industry saw declines, according to Hays. The coveted IT industry also suffered: The demand for skilled workers was particularly noticeable here (-61 points to 108). Architecture and engineering offices were also affected (- 44 points to 78). Compared to 2015, the automotive industry performed worst overall with 28 points. This is not surprising, because this has been particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic. Daimler recently announced that it would allow the majority of administrative employees to work two hours less per week - for twelve months.

Which industries are still affected?

But other industries are also affected by the falling demand: Sales and marketing specialists in particular are currently less in demand. Companies are significantly reducing their advertising expenditure in order to save budget.

Hays skilled workers index by sector.
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In a survey from May 2020, one in three companies assumed that the employment relationship would decline. The shortage of skilled workers persists despite Corona, emphasizes the IHK. In parallel to the less recent appointments, existing skilled workers will retire over the next few years and leave gaps behind.

Hays is a personnel service provider. Every quarter, Index Internet and Media Research evaluates various sources such as online job exchanges and job advertisements in daily newspapers for Hays. The evaluations have been taking place since 2015. The evaluations from the very first survey form the reference value 100, to which the figures mentioned are based.

Difficult job market: what engineers can do now

Engineers looking for a job should still not despair and apply to their dream employer. “Applying in a Crisis” is also the name of a podcast episode of “Technik auf Ohr”. Gerhard Stähler, VDI career advisor, reports how “Applying in a Crisis” can still be successful.

Use portals to search for a job - and ideally be found

The mission of BEST MATCH is to easily get engineers into attractive jobs at the best companies in the industry.

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Users can register, create a profile and be found by suitable companies. Especially in the current situation, this is a reassuring opportunity to receive offers yourself. Searchers only need to be active once, state their ideas and then receive job offers.

This is how Best Match works

A matching algorithm presents users anonymously to companies that have suitable positions to fill. Interested employers then send specific job offers with all relevant information about the task. Including salary and prospects.

Salary study: what's in it for a change?

Despite the corona pandemic, the interview is waiting: Engineers can find out exactly what salaries are common in the industry. The study is carried out every year by INGENIEUR.de in cooperation with Hays. The informative study on the income of engineers in Germany also contains extensive analyzes of the labor market, salary development and influencing factors.

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