How do the Greeks pronounce the name Cassiopeia?


Cassiopeia is one of the oldest and most famous constellations. It can always be seen in the sky because its stars are circumpolar. The North Star is located between the Cassiopeia and the Big Dipper.

Its five stars form a distinctive and memorable "W", especially when the figure is below the pole, while the position above the pole is more likely to see an M. The Americans therefore speak of the sky-M. Many peoples saw a seated female figure in Heaven.


From Greek mythology

Cassiopeia was a very beautiful woman and was also aware of it. She bragged to the sea nymphs that she was even more beautiful than she was. Offended in this way, the nymphs turned to their friend, the god of the sea Poseidon, and caused him not only to bring a great flood over the land, but also an all-consuming one Monster Cetus Pop up. An oracle promised deliverance from these plagues only if the king's daughter, the beautiful Andromeda, tied to a rock and thrown to the monster to eat.

In their distress, the royal parents agreed to this deal and tied their daughter to the steep coast. At the very last second, however, the hero could Perseus slay the monster in a dramatic battle and save Andromeda. He demanded the hand of the lovely prisoners from his parents as a price for the rescue of Andromeda and was offered the kingdom as a dowry.

Her mother Cassiopeia, on the other hand, was chained to her throne as punishment for her arrogance, on which she now has to constantly orbit the North Star - sometimes upside down.