What are the benefits of old education

Education in old age - what are the options?

Education in old age - a scientific further education offer of the University of Münster

The approximately 2,000 older people who take part in the “Studying in Old Age” semester after semester prove that learning is possible for a lifetime. This further education offer of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster is aimed at men and women of middle and older age who enjoy learning, deepening their knowledge or familiarizing themselves with new areas of knowledge.

Together with the young, regular students, you can attend lectures and seminars from almost all departments of the university as guest auditors. However, you can also take part in events that are specially offered for older audiences.

In contrast to the regular course of study, the "course in old age" is not geared towards a professional goal, but rather serves the personal further training of older students. Since guest auditors cannot acquire an academic degree, they are not bound by study and examination regulations, time and content requirements. You can therefore structure your studies according to your individual inclinations and the time available - without having to commit yourself to a subject. Participation is possible regardless of school leaving certificate, there is no minimum age, the guest student fee is € 125 per semester.

Favorite subjects of old age students in Münster are theology, history and philosophy, but events from the social and natural sciences are also in high demand. The participants - equally men and women - are between 36 and 96 years old, their average age is 69 years.