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Molecular biology

Since the Bologna process in 1999, the bachelor's degree has been replaced by the so-called bachelor's degree. Although the older courses can still be studied with a bachelor's degree, newer courses, on the other hand, are now only completed with the academic degree of "Bachelor". A bachelor's degree is a first, undergraduate degree that includes at least 180 ECTS of work and usually has a standard period of 6 semesters.

The prerequisite for starting a bachelor's degree is the general university entrance qualification (Matura), technical college entrance qualification or an equivalent qualification. There is no NC. The Bachelor is studied at universities, colleges, private colleges or also in distance learning.

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If you are looking for a degree in biology, we have good news for you: There is a huge selection of different bio-degree programs. One way of doing this is to study molecular biology. There are both bachelor's and master's degrees, which are mostly offered full-time at universities and technical universities.

The molecular biology course is about researching biochemical processes in living beings and plants in order to make these processes usable. Biochemistry, genetics, analytical chemistry, physics, mathematics, data analysis, botany or zoology are on the curriculum for the course - a colorful mix of natural sciences, so to speak.

Learning takes place in lectures, seminars, exercises and in the laboratory. This makes the course varied and application-oriented. In an internship you can test your knowledge for a few weeks in laboratories and research facilities and gain initial insights into the job. After graduation, pharmacy, medicine, food technology, environmental, agricultural and agricultural technology or microbiology are potential areas of work.

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