Is Thugs of Hindostan a flop film


Journey95 at that time were also great successes in between! now unfortunately, undeservedly, none for a long time! incomprehensible to me!

but how you write anyway, no matter what he plays it will only be torn up and not accepted! have in the circle of friends the sandip kumar who makes films himself! and he says to me, well, he should keep away from the lover and do something else! I had to pull myself together not to ask him if he has a bird what does srk do all the time!

I then pointed out to him, for example, dear zindagi and then noticed that he actually has no idea what srk is shooting from one film to the other ok I'm a fan and follow his work quite precisely but generalizations come from the people quite quickly! if you watch the films of the last 10 years then everything is there!

And yes, Kathi's objection that he does too much with the special company, I can see that but his acting has never suffered from it! Zero is played great! only the film was just a lot more expensive if you had to shoot everything 4 times!

but as with ra one, he wants to prove what his company can do and he impressed me with it!

saw raees again yesterday so in years when srk was still popular in india, the film would hit a mega-hit asoooo brilliantly as it plays the cute rascal, lover, loving father but also the ice-cold criminal! but if the role of the ranveer had played they would throw themselves over with praise! Sad!