What can millennials learn from Generation Z?

Generation Z key features

International research has at least partially deciphered the complex DNA of Generation Z and has come to four key points:

  • Structure: In the well-planned life of Generation Z there is hardly any freedom. That is why they expect clear structures everywhere.
  • security: Generation Z knows the crises in the world of work. The young people lack the feeling of security, which is why they demand it everywhere.
  • Feel good: The pursuit of well-being corresponds to the zeitgeist. From this, the young people develop a direct legal right to feel good.
  • Self-realization: Like baby boomers and generations X and Y, Generation Z also wants to realize itself in work and leisure, implement its own ideas and contribute itself.

What are the consequences for the entrepreneurial learning culture?

Generation Z, their view of work, fairness and work-life separation, as well as their sense of balance and stress reduction, is an enrichment. However, especially when it comes to learning, programs must also be specifically geared towards their weaknesses.

You can find out more about the learning behavior of Generation Z in Prof. Scholze's article, which was published in full in the whitepaper “Learn to learn”. Click here for the free PDF download.

About the author

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Scholz

Former University professor and expert in human resource management

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Scholz was appointed to the Saarland University (Chair for Organization, Personnel and Information Management) in 1986 and retired there in 2018. He was named six times on the list of the 40 leading figures in human resources and then in 2015 in the HR “Hall of Fame”. He wrote trend studies on Generation Y (2003), “Generation Z” (2014) and digital transformation (“Fake Work-Life-Blending”, 2018). He also publishes in scientific journals, writes columns and has blogged since 2006 as “The hitchhiker's guide to the world of work”.