Which country invented the sandwich?

Why is it called a sandwich?

The history of the sandwich has nothing to do with sand, although the name suggests it and although there are sandwich recipes like a dime a dozen. In fact, the story of the sandwich is a noble story that begins in the stomach of a hungry and inventive count.

The hungry Earl was John Montagu - the fourth Earl of Sandwich, who lived in England in the 18th century. The title of Earl of Sandwich was named after the town of Sandwich in south-east England.

According to tradition, John Montagu was a passionate card player. One evening he was so absorbed in a game that he had his meal placed between two slices of bread during an hour-long game of cards. So he could confidently eat with one hand and lay cards with the other. His teammate was so enthusiastic about this idea that he also asked for a "bread like sandwich". And so the sandwich was invented.

But there is also the claim that John Montagu was a very hardworking count and invented the sandwich in order not to have to interrupt his work for annoying meals. So he just started eating at the desk. Usually a piece of meat between two slices of toast - because this was the only way to save himself eating with a knife and fork.

It is not known exactly which tradition is actually true, but the namesake is certain: John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich.

Even if the sandwich was initially only known as a small snack at evening men's parties, it became an appropriate snack between the ages of the late 18th century. Soon even women began to devote themselves to the sandwich, and the delicious snack was offered at dance parties. In the 19th century, the sandwich was already an integral part of British culture - it was then part of tea.

The sandwich is still a popular snack today, not just in England, but all over the world. In addition to the original Montagu version, which consisted of a simple piece of salted meat between two slices of toast, many different and varied sandwich recipes have been added over time. The most important ingredient, however, has always remained the same - the toast. Ah!