What are the alternatives for paving street concrete

Permanently without dowels

A railing is primarily used for safety, which is why it must meet certain safety regulations and standards. The static calculation of railings is regulated by DIN 1055 (load assumptions). The standard differentiates between loads such as dead weight, horizontal and vertical loads. Since the fastening of railings is a safety-relevant application, only means approved by the building authorities may be used. In addition, only corrosion- and weather-resistant anchors are permitted outdoors. For a secure attachment, planners and craftsmen can choose between adhesive dowels, expansion anchors, undercut anchors or screw anchors.

Fixing without dowels

Screw anchors are concrete screws that are screwed into a pre-drilled cylindrical borehole without dowels. The special thread, which is toothed in the front part, cuts an internal thread into the building material when it is screwed in. Thanks to this form-fitting, expansion pressure-free connection, small edge distances and immediate loading are possible - without special drilling, special tools or hardening time.

The key advantage of screw anchors is their safety. In contrast to other dowel systems, no torque control is required for the assembly of screw anchors. According to the approval, it is sufficient to attach the concrete screws by hand or with a tangential impact screwdriver. This simplifies the assembly process and ensures a high level of application security. Even during assembly, the craftsman can detect the wrong setting of screw anchors, because both the low setting depth, for example due to a lack of cleaning of the drill hole, and overload due to excessive torque are recognizable defects that he can remedy immediately. Hidden defects that occur due to not adhering to hardening times, incorrect drill hole cleaning or not adhering to torques and which can lead to load reduction are excluded with screw anchors approved by the building authorities.

Durable and easy to use

Screw anchors are an easy-to-use alternative for fastening railings. High-quality products are available on the market for the relatively new fastening technology. Craftsmen should pay attention to screw anchors with the Europe-wide recognized ETA approval when choosing. It ensures that the products meet the highest demands in terms of quality and safety standards, especially in the use categories of "durability" and "assembly safety".

Further information on screws and fastening technology can be found at www.heco- Schrauben.de

By Andreas Hettich