Is qnet real

What do you think of Network Marketing and QNET?

Hey matzo.

Network marketing in its pure idea is awesome! There is no other way to put it, the things that are promised to you are possible. (Except that you shouldn't worry about money) Millions of people before us have managed to become financially independent and to build an above-average standard of living with passive income. On the other hand, the personality training you get is simply brilliant, you learn, among other things, to deal with people, to trust yourself and to be able to sell. All very important properties that are worth learning.

Every company that operates NM designs the system itself, so you have to be very careful with which company you register. Success will only be achieved with the right product / team / company.

What to look out for is:

  1. A product that people use for several years and thus keep the network alive in the long term, even if active sales partners drop out. This is extremely important because you first want to actively build up your network, but then want to reap the fruits of the (passive, self-running) network.

I don't see this in your company / product that you got to know. If partners don't get the watch sold, they jump off. This means the level above and so on. The network collapses.

The fact that you are forced to buy the company's product in order to operate NM leads me to conclude that this company is not very reputable.

  1. The team is one of the most decisive factors. NM has the great advantage that the people in the system only want the best for the new partners. Because the rule is that the upline wins only if the downline makes a profit. This creates a fascinating mentality because everyone helps everyone and there is no competition. This is how training events, webinars, advanced training courses and individual personal discussions are created to train every person in the network.

Personally, I don't find the fact that you were trained online a good thing. The whole thing should be done personally through your upline to guarantee you the best possible start in your business.

Just memorizing and repeating the lyrics is terrible. This is not a good NM system!

  1. That you are promised "not to worry about money" is ludicrous. Of course, you have to think about how you use and manage your resources. Without good money management nobody will ever be able to make a lot of money.

The things that you have now revealed here suggest an unstable network. The product does not ensure that the network will last for the long term. In addition, the training is miserable, which demotivates many partners and in turn will not generate any great growth or constancy. The promises are not real and even banal.

My recommendation: Do not put your energy into something that does not bring you the success you want but only causes headaches.

There are other companies whose products fit a NM system much better and whose structure is much better elaborated.

In my opinion, watches and jewelry are not products for which an NM sales structure is worthwhile. You need a consumption power that has to be bought every month. NM is very suitable for such a product and brings many advantages for customers and partners. (Ex. 3 recommendations = monthly fee to be able to use the product is free, etc.) Get yourself something, where the team supports you much better and you realize that they want the best for you !!

Nevertheless, NM is a great thing with the right partner.

If you would like to know something about good NM companies, please feel free to contact me: [email protected]