What was wrong with Ariana Grande's tattoo

What happened?

The American singer Ariana Grande got a tattoo - and got burned when choosing a motif - and that's only partly meant in a figurative sense. Apparently Grande originally intended to have the title of her chart success "7 Rings" engraved on her palm in Japanese characters. A painful procedure, at the end of which a painful realization was waiting for the pop star: Below the index and middle finger is now the word "shichirin", this is a handy Japanese charcoal grill (for which seven special briquettes are required). The artist posted a picture of the calligraphy on Instagram. The reactions, from malicious to pitying to cheering, were not long in coming. Grande responded promptly and explained herself in a tweet that has now been deleted. She did not use a character, apparently because she could no longer bear the needles penetrating under the skin at the point in question. "It hurt like hell and still looks good," she tweeted.

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Why do we care?

Grande is currently one of the world's most successful and influential pop music artists. Before she landed at number one on the US singles charts with "7 Rings", her single "Thank U, Next" was there last year. Her album "Sweetener", which was also released in 2018, also landed at the top of the chart. The Billboard-Magazine voted the 25-year-old woman of the year in December. However, she herself spoke of the worst year of her life. In September, her ex-partner, the rapper Mac Miller died at the age of 26, a few weeks later the end of the relationship between Grande and her boyfriend, the American comedian Pete Davidson became public.

And now?

The tattoo mishap doesn't seem to bother Grande as much as it is on social media. In addition, the "little charcoal grill" on her hand should soon have faded by her own statement. At the said point, the skin finally renews itself continuously, she tweeted. And should that actually happen at some point, she does not rule out a new attempt to get "7 Rings" stabbed under her skin: "If I miss [the tattoo] enough then, I will get through the whole thing next time." she wrote.