What do tarot cards mean

Tarot cards meaning


With the tarot cards you enter exciting worlds. The enormous symbolic power of the images goes back to ancient, secret knowledge. If you can read tarot cards you will find the way to higher consciousness.

Many aspects of the tarot card interpretation are not recognizable at first glance. It is about the powerful energies of the elements and the potential of your mind. Your higher being has powers that enable you to do incredible things. Interpreting the tarot is the door opener to the deep levels of our consciousness. But where do the individual tarot cards come from? And which? And what are the minor and major arcana?


Tarot cards meaning: The major arcana


A classic tarot deck contains 78 cards, of which 22 trump cards are assigned to the major arcana and 56 cards are assigned to the minor arcana. The cards of the major arcana are called symbol cards and show not only events but also important phases of life, life topics and life changes. As you lay these tarot cards, you should be proficient in reading tarot cards so that you can correctly interpret the symbolism of each card.


The trump cards of the major arcana are usually numbered up to 22 and begin with the number 0, which represents the first trump “The Fool”. Each trump card is associated with a powerful symbol, such as devil, death or The Last Judgment. In our time the sequence of the tarot cards in the major arcana is also known as the “hero's journey”, symbolizing the spiritually spiritual life journey of man.




The most important trump cards with their general tarot card meanings:

  • The fool: Child, impartiality, lightness, liveliness, sometimes cockiness and recklessness
  • The death: End of a section, farewell, detachment, something new can begin
  • The Popess: Trust, self-confidence, intuition, clarity, open to the spiritual path
  • The devil: Temptation, jealousy, fears, suspicion, addiction, feeling of being trapped
  • The Last Judgement: Pending decisions, finding solutions, liberation, redemption
  • The hanged man: Things are upside down, dissatisfaction, standstill, helplessness, rethinking a situation

Laying tarot cards: the minor arcana


The minor arcana comprises four series of number cards and court cards with staffs, swords, goblets and coins. Each of these symbols is assigned to an element and shows you different areas of life with different levels of meaning when you interpret the tarot. In the tarot card meaning, the card images of the minor arcana relate more to questions and matters of everyday life. They recognize tendencies, but not radical turns. In addition to the number of symbols, some tarot decks also depict scenarios or people on the number cards, such as the Rider-Waite Tarot. Other sets, such as the Crowley Tarot, have captions on the respective subject areas.



The principle of the tarot cards colors


The colors of the tarot number cards correspond to those of conventional playing cards, but there are differences in the color designation depending on the country. In Germany, for example, the goblets are named after the French map sheet "heart", while in Portugal the color is called "copas" (goblet). The color assignment to the elements was only established in iconography with the Rider Waite deck. Previously, the tarot cards of the minor arcana only represented the symbol in the respective number.


The tarot card meaning in relation to the four colors are: 
  • Goblets: Element water / heart: emotional worlds, intuition, soul, social relationships
  • Coins: Element earth / diamonds: finances, talents, material wealth, sensuality, traditions or excess
  • Swords: Element air / spades: Rationality, search for truth, concentration or control and rigor
  • Bars: Element fire / cross: creativity, fighting spirit, joie de vivre or egocentricity and nervous tension

Who can lay tarot cards and interpret the tarot for me?


In principle, anyone can lay tarot cards, but reading tarot cards is often a tricky business for beginners. Professional cartelists often do not know the exact background of the questions and only interpret the cards drawn. The experts translate the imagery until the person seeking advice understands the answer. Inexperienced people unconsciously include their own wishes and ideas in tarot, which can falsify the meaning of the tarot cards. If you have urgent questions, it makes sense to consult an experienced tarot card reader. You can easily have tarot cards laid out on the phone. Expert cartelists recognize the quality of a certain life situation, illuminate various aspects in their entirety and know how to interpret the symbolism of each individual tarot card.



How can I read tarot cards myself?


The understanding of the person seeking advice depends primarily on their degree of maturity. If you want to learn to interpret the tarot, you can fan out the cards without shuffling them and draw a card from the deck. However, if you lay out the tarot cards one at a time, you should be able to shuffle them. There are various mixed rituals that you can also find in good books and guides on how to interpret tarot cards. Many newbies lay their cards too often, especially in the initial phase. If you use tarot cards less often, you will be more likely to heed the statements. The answers to cards that are laid several times a day are correct, but you run the risk of losing sight of the big picture. For frequent tarot surveys, a placement system for short-term answers with a tarot card meaning that is easier to interpret, such as the pro-contra placement method or "The Next Step", which you can also carry out online.


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