Which actor has the best smile

Top 10: Who Has the Most Beautiful Hollywood Smile?

Who smiles the most beautifully? It used to be Marilyn Monroe who overwhelmed the fans with her smile. But who can do it today?

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10th place: Blake Lively No one is surprised that she just laughs all day with a man like Ryan Reynolds. However, her smile also accompanies her when she is away from home.

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9th place: Jennifer Lawrence Every time she smiles, one word comes to mind: sweet!

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8th place: Viola Davis Her smile is honest and down-to-earth - that's what we love about the Oscar winner!

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Place 7: Julia Roberts Of course Julia Roberts should not be missing in this gallery. Your smile is one of the most authentic in Hollywood!

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6th place: Amy Schumer The cheeky cheerful nature always smiles quite "hidden" on red carpets, and yet the sun rises every time.

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5th place: Jessica Alba She is one of the most beautiful and natural women in Hollywood and always looks great. No wonder she always smiles ...

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4th place: Freida Pinto The Indian actress, known from "Slumdog Millionär", can hardly be seen without a smile on her face. She can definitely show it off!

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4th place: Sienna Miller Dei Jude Law's ex-wife is smiling all over her face and often looks happy even when she's not smiling.

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3rd place: Halle Berry She doesn't smile, she shines! She's obviously having fun on the red carpets and always giving us a nice pose.

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2nd place: Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck's ex-wife has a happy disposition. No matter where she performs, she delights photographers with her beautiful smile that is unique in Hollywood.

Photo: © Jordan Strauss / AP / picturedesk.co

1st place: Rachel McAdams The actress from "Like a Single Day" clearly has the most beautiful smile in Hollywood. Your eyes smile with you - this is how she makes the entire room shine!

Photo: © Jordan Strauss / AP / picturedesk.co