How do you go to school

09.03.2001 11:31

How much do you like going to school?

Heike Zappe Communication, marketing and event management
Humboldt University of Berlin

Longitudinal study funded by the DFG provides answers

Children and young people spend up to 120,000 hours at school. It's bad if this happens without enjoying school and school subjects. What about the attitude towards school among Berlin children and young people?

Within a larger project funded by the German Research Foundation, Prof. Dr. Renate Valtin from the Institute for School Education and Educational Psychology and her staff investigated this question. In a longitudinal study, several hundred children from the 2nd to the 6th grade answered the question: "How do you like going to school?" It has been known for a long time that almost all children go to school with great joy and this was also confirmed in this study. In the second school year, almost all children like going to school very much or happily. What is unexpected, however, is that the joy in school decreases only slightly in the following school years. More than half of the sixth graders still like or very much like going to school. In all school years, the number of children who say they don't like going to school at all is surprisingly low and is less than 5%.

The pupils were also asked about the popularity of the individual subjects. The ranking remains stable over the school years: Sport is by far the most popular subject, which 84% of pupils still like or like very much in the 6th school year. Art and reading are also very popular with students. Mathematics follows in the ranking with a considerable middle position and - in the fifth and sixth grades - English; A little more than half of the pupils in the 6th school year like these subjects with pleasure or even very much. At the bottom of the list is the subject of spelling, which is the least popular in all school years and shows the greatest downward trend in popularity over the course of primary school. However, overall only a few pupils completely reject the individual subjects, as the examples from the 6th grade show: Only 2% pupils state that they do not like reading and sports at all, 4% to 5% like the subjects of mathematics and Art doesn't at all, and 6% to 7% don't like English and writing at all.

Overall, girls prefer to go to school and have particular preferences for the fine arts and German subjects, while boys prefer sports and mathematics.

The results show that the children in the six-year Berlin primary school are very enthusiastic about school. Only a few would join in Rilke's complaints: "There is a long period of fear and time running down the school with waiting, with lots of dull things. Oh loneliness, oh difficult time ..."

Info: Prof. Dr. Renate Valtin, Institute for School Education and Educational Psychology, Tel .: (030) 2093-4182.

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