Who drinks more Cersei or Tyrion

Game of Thrones drinking game

Full intoxication is coming ...

The rules for the Game of Thrones drinking game are very simple and simple: every time one of the described scenes or incidents is to be seen, you have to drink.

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Normal "Game of Thrones drinking game" version

You have to take a sip in these 13 scenes and incidents. This version of the Game of Thrones drinking game is the more harmless one. If you really want to get drunk, play the drinking game according to these rules 👉 Game of Thrones Hardcore Drinking Game

You have to drink when ...

  • someone "Winter is coming" says
  • a woman is naked
  • Jon Snow is called a bastard
  • Tyrion drinks (attention ⚠️😂)
  • Daeneris the word "Khaleesi" says
  • People have sex
  • Drink again if this is incest
  • someone is injured and / or wounded
  • Tyrion makes a sexual suggestion
  • Swords are drawn
  • somebody says "A Lanister always pays his debts"
  • Drink up completely when someone is beheaded
  • Bonus: Drink when Hodor "Hodor" says

Tyrion’s drinking game

If you've never liked I've never been a drinking game, you're sure to like Tyrion’s version of this popular drinking game:

👉 Tyrion’s drinking game

Hardcore "Game of Thrones drinking game" version

The hardcore version is only for really hard-drinking Game of Thrones fans, as you have to drink a sip with almost every scene. We tried this version with the first season of Game of Thrones - it was our downfall 😂

Raise your glasses when ...

  • Jon "Bastard" is called
  • Bran has a vision
  • the full title of Daenerys is recited
  • Tyrion drinks wine
  • a woman bares her breasts
  • someone bares his buttocks
  • someone gets hurt
  • a direwolf can be seen
  • someone is tortured
  • a season is called
  • a white wanderer can be seen
  • the "Crazy King" mentioned
  • Daenerys speaks of her dragons
  • Swords are drawn
  • Cersei could kill someone with her gaze
  • someone has sex (two sips if it's incestuous sex)
  • someone is killed with a weapon other than a sword
  • Arya swears to kill someone
  • "winter is coming" it is said
  • Theon or Stinker stuttering around again
  • Melisandre speaks or raves about the god of light
  • Tyrion makes a sexual innuendo
  • Joffrey gets another slap in the face
  • Sansa wears an interesting braided hairstyle
  • Arya can cross someone off her list
  • Crows appear
  • Dragons are mentioned or shown
  • the wall can be seen
  • someone is appointed the new hand of the king
  • Varys tells about his little birds
  • a new character is introduced
  • Daenerys "Khaleesi" says
  • Tyrion as "Gnome" referred to as
  • Jon puts an emo look on
  • the bloodhound curses
  • one of Daenerys ‘dragons kills someone
  • Blood can be seen
  • someone swears by the old and the new gods
  • a house coat of arms can be seen
  • Littlefinger stares at Sansa
  • someone "Milord" or "Milady" is called
  • someone "Valar Morghulis" says (and another if someone "Valar Dohaeris" answers)
  • someone "Iron Throne" says
  • someone is beheaded
  • a character turns out to be not dead after all
  • Hodor "Hodor" says
  • the words of a house are called
  • someone is completely naked
  • you'd like to hit Joffrey
  • a sword fight can be seen
  • a main character dies (drink the whole glass up!)

When is Game of Thrones season 8 coming?

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is said to extend over six episodes and from April 14, 2019 be available.

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Dangers of the Game of Thrones drinking game:

As funny as the Game of Thrones drinking game is, as always: be careful when dealing with alcohol and know your limits!

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