Why should a woman avoid divorce

Delaying Divorce: Is Sluggish Breakup Even Beneficial?

The separation from the partner is a painful process and the spouses do not always agree on the timing of the final divorce. Depending on the delaying tactics, the divorce can even be delayed for years. What is the maximum length of time a divorce can take?

The most important things in a nutshell: Delaying the divorce

  • Already through the Non-consent of a partner the divorce can be delayed - for up to two additional years.
  • Also the delivery of Follow-up mattersto the court will drag out the divorce proceedings.
  • Why Postpone Divorce? advantages there may be, for example, maintenance issues and pension compensation as well as profit compensation.

Detailed information on the Delaying Divorce you will find below.

Postponing Divorce: How Long Does It Go?

Delaying divorce: theoretically possible for several years

If both sides are not convinced, it can delay the divorce.

Requirement for submitting the application for divorce is the passing of the Year of separation, which must last at least twelve months. Only then can the marriage be considered a failure. But if a spouse wants to delay the divorce, the tactics and procedure are quickly clear: If he simply does not agree to the divorce, the duration of the separation can affect one Minimum period of three years extend.

The man / woman does not want to sign the divorce? Is the man / woman deliberately postponing the divorce? For the other spouse usually exist few ways to avoid the delay in a divorce. Usually only the agreement help with the partner.

How long can a divorce be delayed in court proceedings?

However, if the deadlines necessary for the divorce have expired, the legal separation even without the consent of the refusing spouse be carried out. After three years at the latest, those seeking divorce should look for a lawyer.

How long however, the legal process lasts cannot be forecast across the board. Here is the one Decisive in individual cases. The divorce can be delayed if, for example many subsequent things are to be negotiated. The more subsequent things Have to become part of the procedure because no agreement could be reached between the ex-partners, the longer the entire divorce process takes.

As Follow-up matter will each family law matter in connection with the divorce refers to, for example, questions of maintenance, custody of children together or the division of household items.

Delaying Divorce: Are There Benefits?

Incentives in family law: Those who want to postpone the divorce sometimes have advantages.

Under certain circumstances it can makes sense for both parties be to delay the divorce. This can be the case, for example, with common children or financial issues. Legally it is no problem living apart but staying married, provided that the tax class is properly changed.

But it can also one-sided advantages for whoever wants to postpone the divorce. Because Separation maintenance will only be paid until the divorce decision becomes final. This can be particularly useful if post-marital maintenance has been excluded by a marriage contract.

Likewise, it can be beneficial to delay the divorce if the Pension equalization would lead to financial disadvantages for a spouse. The omission of the Gain compensation can be useful. As a rule, however, a certain amount of Agreement on the amount of separation maintenance consist.

Divorce and separation are particularly dependent from the individual case from. So it's best to find one Divorce attorney and discuss with them when is the ideal time for a divorce and whether it makes sense to delay the divorce!
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Delaying Divorce: Is Sluggish Breakup Even Beneficial?
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