Which Middle Eastern countries like fat women

Arab beauty is a broad field

In ancient Arabic stories, plump ladies are admired. But under the influence of electronic media, the ideal of beauty has also changed in the Middle East. In addition, thanks to increased prosperity, there are now so many overweight women that they have long since lost their attractiveness bonus.

A walk through Cairo hardly lifts the veil that seems to lie over the question of the Arab female ideal of beauty. Tall, slim people strolling through the streets next to small, voluptuous people and dark-haired people next to blondes. Some women wear jeans and let their natural frizz run free, others have squeezed into a formal costume and have their hair radically straightened. “The woman must have an attractive figure,” says the young sociologist Sammar. For Arabs that means: medium-sized and slightly rounded at the hips and ankles. The stomach, on the other hand, must not protrude and the breasts have to fit snugly into a cupped man's hand, adds Sammar, giggling. Something similar can be heard in Egypt from other women - and men. A beautiful woman also needs a narrow nose, a small mouth, long hair and large eyes. The color? The opinions are divided. While women want light brown hair, Egyptian men apparently like raven black on them. Similarly, the Egyptian women would like to have "gazelle-colored" or green eyes, while the men prefer a "night-colored" iris.

«We love women»

The Arab world covers the geographic area from Mauritania to Syria. It is the conditions of the region and its development that have shaped the ideal of beauty. The merciless sunshine has produced a dark type, so it is not surprising that white skin is preferred. However, it is not the European reddish white that attracts, but the pale Turkish. Old European (wishful) pictures of luscious naked women in the harem give the impression that the Arabs prefer fat women. «We love women. Whether they are thin or fat is a second question, »explains Ashraf, the single lute teacher. Women of all ages confirm this statement. "I have gray hair," says Professor Amina, "and yet young men also look after me." With her analytical thinking, Amina can explain why that is so: «The man's desire revolves around our vulva. It triggers it, it is the goal. The trappings are only important because they arouse desire. " And that's why an Arab man can also gain something from a fat woman, Amina's friend Soha intervenes and confidently leans on her broad hips.

In some countries the ideal of beauty has simply been twisted in order to achieve prosperity, says the anthropologist Mona: “In Mauritania, young girls are downright fattened because the men supposedly like it. In reality it only indicates that the bride's father has money and that his daughter is a good match. "

The promise of round shapes

Even in old Arabic stories, weighty women are admired. Their shapes promised a good life, that is, good food, rest and plenty of time for sex. Accordingly, it was said that fat women had a particularly soft vagina. Today, thanks to the increased standard of living, there are too many heavy Arab women, which is why they have long since forfeited their attractiveness bonus. In the age of satellite dishes, the images of slender Arab TV announcers and singers flicker through the Maghreb and Mashreq. "My role model are the Lebanese women," says the Egyptian student Marwa. These appear with straight hair, heavily made up and in body-hugging clothing. Most of the Lebanese "chicks" are fake, says Marwa's grandmother. In their day the matchmakers would have put the brides through their paces to see whether white teeth, long hair, full thighs, red cheeks and pale skin were actually those of the bride or just thick!

Marwa's incorruptible grandma is right. Today, unfortunately, even in the Arab world, smart presentation is more than a less garish, but natural beauty. Just like in Europe or the USA, the appearance is often given a helping hand. "Many Arab women now swear by cosmetic surgery," says surgeon Ibrahim. While noses would be made smaller, eyes would have to be enlarged. And liposuction? "Especially on the stomach," confirms Ibrahim.

It doesn't always have to be an operation. Dozens of traditional home remedies help the Arab woman to get closer to the ideal of beauty. "Kohol" is used to blacken the inside of the lid to make the eyes appear larger. Every Arab woman can do that: she twists a cotton wick in a vessel with olive oil, lights it and places a bowl on it. Soot soon collects in it, in other words "alcohol". It is carefully pulled through the closed eyes with a hand-carved plug made of tamarisk wood or a bird's feather. Kohol is a must, even with the simple Egyptian peasant woman. "It is still the eyes that master the language of seduction best," says Marwa's grandmother wisely.