Can my parents take my money

Can my parents decide on my self-earned money?

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So I wanted to go to
order new hardware (in advance) and my parents want me to forbid it because they think it is too dangerous, I know that they only want to advise me and protect me from a flop, but they should spend my own money on my own let (I'm 17) can you forbid me to do that at all if it is self-deserved by me?

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The question of whether your parents are allowed to or not is of secondary importance to you, because it doesn't matter whether they are allowed to or not, they can! And I dare to doubt that you would accuse them and even if you did, nobody would take you seriously ^^.

Because you want your hardware and your parents don't want you to buy it!

So now the question is why you don't want it!

They say because it's too dangerous, then you could just order cash on delivery or they try to convince you that Alternate is a really serious shop that is around the corner from me, by the way.

If you disagree there is another reason and then you would have to continue discussing ...
well accuse me, thank you nothing and that much is not worth the stuff to me

just how do I want to convince you that he is serious about the shop?
From a purely legal point of view, they are allowed to.

As we all know, rip-offs, cheating and catching the farmers are commonplace on the Internet.
How are parents supposed to know what is good and safe, and who have definitely not yet dealt with online retailers such as Alternate, Hardwareversand, HoH, K&M, Drive City and other safe shops.
That they want to forbid you to do this because they want to protect you from evil machinations is understandable (at least for me).
You shouldn't put your self-earned money at risk, the thought should be with them with a probability bordering on certainty.

The online retailers that we use thousands of times here and are recommended over and over again are safe.
If that weren't the case, you would have had to close your portals long ago due to a lack of customers.

Just let your parents read the statements on this thread.
They will (can) muster so much trust in a large community that they will allow you to place an order.
I have also ordered several times from alternate and have always been extremely satisfied but just order your stuff by surname and you will only pay when you have the goods in your hand. I am just wondering what shouldn't be sure about it then
well my parents my last name then they could just as easily put other stuff in the boxes so that it only has the weight of the ordered goods and we still don't get that, but I think my parents are starting to think that my parents somehow all the arguments that this is not safe pull on the hair so that I never order>. <
That's what I thought from the start ^^ ...

The shop is serious!
Cash on delivery is safe!
If nothing comes up, sue them!

Otherwise everything is ok . think they just don't want you to buy hardware! So talk to her about it!
so if you buy from alternate or hardware shipping you get 100% of your goods ...
Or what do you think what would be going on if they cheat someone, for example, he goes to the newspaper Bild or wherever and has an article written in the newspaper
Do you think anyone would buy in the shop who read the article
So that would be more negative than positive for the shop if it did something like that
well my parents my last name then they could just as easily put other stuff in the boxes so that it only has the weight of the ordered goods and we still don't get that, but I think my parents are starting to think that my parents somehow all the arguments that this is not safe pull on the hair so that I never order>. <

if you are quick, the postman will certainly wait a short time until you have the package open
I only did it because they don't want to talk to me anymore and if I ask further questions they just get loud and just tell me you don't understand?
We are talking about long-standing and established online shops.
Windy, dodgy rip-offs, as eBay can not always recognize right away, are a completely different category.

Such actions as your parents attribute the shops to would ruin the shop within a week.
If they lose just a few thousand customers a week, it will be difficult for them.
If more than two thirds stay away, they can close completely.
Such misconduct would become widely known in all hardware communities within a few hours.
Once known, no more users buy from such a shop.

Tell me ...
Where do your parents go shopping?
Car tire? Savings compared to cheap providers such as PitStop are still up to 30%!
TVs, stereos, household appliances? Savings compared to Mediamarkt & Co. (sometimes) between 10 and 20%!
Medication? Savings of up to 70% with good online pharmacies! ... (!)

It's clear. The supermarket still remains for the head of lettuce and the piece of butter.
My parents always only buy in local shops, except for the medication from time to time in an online pharmacy shop. But I think it's the price, which is why my parents don't let me order there
If the friendly computer dealer from "around the corner" actually manages to catch up with the prices of Alternate & Co., if they have exactly what you need in stock, they are also right.
Well alternate is a bit more expensive but in my opinion it has the best service!

You can compare prices here:

Even with ratings of the individual shops!

Your parents are welcome to inquire about that!
well have such a "cheap" pc shop with us in the city that has to order the aba stuff first and think about 5-20 € on top of the price
The shop won't be cheaper than these shops! Since he cannot buy in small quantities! In addition, with PC parts it does not matter whether the store is around the corner or 1000km away, with a guarantee, the good piece must be sent back to the manufacturer!
yes you're right
de small pc shop with us here aba has at least more knowledge of all stuff than mediamarkt types (they had no idea what ddr3 ram is than i once asked)
only if my parents don't want to order from alternate, i can't do anything they still sit on the long lever
Well, as always, a meaningful conversation helps the most! And certainly a compromise can be found, you can call alternate that is probably there. security ? Or you say you take the damage on your own ... Rde times with your parents!
nauja ... then just put it together at mindfactory / hoh

but tell your parents they can make an account here and look for experiences
And what if you order something cheap that you need anyway to show them that it will work? 10 € doesn't hurt anyone and if it was your money and a USB stick or something you can always need it.

I cannot understand such a great doubt. I've been ordering things on the Internet for about 5 years and I'm only 16, there have never been any problems and I've probably already ordered goods worth several thousand euros.