Everyone lives in his own world

When the wise man points to the stars, the stupid sees only the finger:

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Everyone lives in their own world
Newsletter dated May 31, 2006

Dear readers,

I have been telling what I am writing today for years.
I could shape the words and let them out of my mouth
as well as sending it all over the world as a letter - but so
really understood what these words can mean
In retrospect, I haven't.
Although I have always been of this opinion.

The words are:
Everyone lives in their own world.

You can also say differently and yet the same:
The world is what it is and every person filters out of it
the most varied of personal realities
(Interpretations) for the respective then of course
look "real".

Every child knows that this is the case - all of them are based on that
Movies and a lot of comedy, because the obvious ignorance of the
others must be a real screamer from a cosmic point of view.


Person A and person B are sitting in the same room.
Person A looks out the window and says:
"Today is beautiful weather."

Now person B becomes this statement that is there in your world
So person B can understand:

"It's not raining today and if it wasn't raining you wanted to
but cleaning the windows instead of sitting here. Man are you
lazy - no wonder you keep getting fatter. "

Or person B can understand:

"I would like to use such beautiful weather to share with you
to eat you an ice cream in a street cafe ... what do you mean

But person B can also understand:

"I'm bored, do something interesting."

Or you can interpret it as follows:

"You sit around stupid while your life is on you
goes by and doesn't even notice how nice the weather is
is. You're so ignorant, a real fool. "

Anyway - whatever Person A is saying
will (or if it's just a look or a breath),
Person B will always interpret it in their own world
and depending on this world person A is a tyrant, an idiot,
an extremely nice guy or whatever.

I had that myself years ago
understood, but only last week I was able to see how
far this thing really goes.
(Incidentally, I was taught by a great master who
pretends to be my cleaning lady).

In fact:

Everyone lives in their own world.

In concrete terms, this means:
You know NOTHING (I like to repeat that again:
NOTHING, absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing) about "the other" and
over his world.
The other lives in a completely different world that you are in
have no insight (no insight !!).

It gets really amusing when one or the other
trying to change his world.
For example, I recently got an email from Gerhard
(thanks, Gerhard !!), where he writes to me about how he equipment
designed to stabilize the weather because the weather in
his world is influenced by the "system" that affects people
not doing well. (Aircraft contrails are in
his world called chemtrails, intentionally by the
Mighty ones sprayed out to manipulate the weather and the
Population is fooled).

Whether I want to join in and have such a device given to me

Gerhard, I don't want to.
I respect your world and believe you from the bottom of my heart that in
your world's chemtrails are sprayed and
Secret service helicopters come when you mind
I also invite you to accept my world wherever
Contrails Contrails are and where I don't have any
I have use for such devices.

Which of us is right now?
None. Neither I nor Gerhard.
And both: Gerhard and me.

It becomes really fun when you hold on to your own
own world believes that one thinks the others should
also believe. But they don't.

Ultimately, everyone lives in their own world.
And however smart we think we are ... we know
absolutely nothing about the other's world.

So take care of yourself (who else?) When you do this
next time have thoughts or even say the following:

"It is a fact that ..."

Take a close look at your facts.
Look at what's solid.

Yes, you are right - that's how it is in your world.

But how it looks with others - don't get the idea
even rudimentarily knowing what the other person is
feels "true".

Say goodbye to believing you know yours too
Spouse, your children, parents or friends.
You don't know anything, you don't know anything.

The only thing you can really change is yours
Perception of the world as it is. Your interpretation.

Evil people suddenly become nice ones.
This is how chemtrails become contrails (or something else
Stupid become wise, ugly beautiful.
Glasses become unnecessary (or necessary), spoons bend
or is it just you who bend?

By the way, if you think you know what "Tom" is with you
want to say to this newsletter ... then you haven't
understood. Because what "Tom" wants to say, you never will

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