Where is the smallest prison on earth

The World's Smallest Prison: Where It's Located And What It's Known For

The smallest prison in the world is located on Sark Island, one of the quietest, most peaceful and ecologically clean places on earth. The use of cars is forbidden on the island, no planes fly here. But even in such a paradisiacal corner there is a place for such a gloomy building. The history of the building is unique.

The island was the only British territory conquered by the Nazis during World War II. Feudalism prevailed here until 2006. Democracy only reached the island fourteen years ago, and universal suffrage was finally introduced here.

The unusual island has the smallest prison in the world with only two cells. They have no windows, there are beds with thin mattresses. There is a meter-long corridor between the cells, and the total area of ​​the building is only eighteen square meters. This building was built in 1856.

Sark is one of the Channel Islands, incredibly beautiful and graceful. It is known for its impressive sights. In fact, Sarka Prison is known for being the smallest prison in the world that is still operating.

This place is not a permanent solution, it is intended as a pre-trial detention center. The prisoners spend a few days here and then they are sent to the neighboring island of Guernsey.

The first inmate of the unique prison on Sark was a young maid. She stole a handkerchief from a woman. The woman was sentenced to three days' imprisonment. She was very afraid of the dark and her cell door was left open. Instead of the prison guards, there were local women who sat next to her, knitted and talked to her.

Two policemen are now keeping order here. Due to the fact that vehicles are prohibited on Sark, there are no accidents here.

Allegedly, now the only inmates of the world's most unique prison can become tourists who have drunk too much alcohol. It is true that sometimes farmers end up in jail for driving their tractors while drunk.

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