Relieves stress during sex or masturbation

Sexy Pleasure: 7 Things EVERY Woman Should Know About Masturbation

You read that right, masturbation is actually healthy and good for us! Therefore, every woman should know these facts:

1. Masturbation makes you self-confident

Women who regularly satisfy themselves and are not ashamed of themselves go through life more confidently. You stand by yourself and your body and show it to the whole world.

2. Masturbation is the best cure for stress

Constant stress? Then a little pampering session in the bathtub is perfect! The orgasm releases happiness hormones and you feel very relaxed and satisfied afterwards.

3. Masturbation is an ingenious sleep aid

Masturbation is also the best remedy for problems falling asleep or staying asleep. Before you lie sleepless in bed for hours, it is better to use the time for a bit of fun alone. After that you will be tired, relaxed and guaranteed to sleep like a baby.

4. Masturbation protects against depression

More and more people are suffering from depression: Masturbating can help here too, as the orgasm triggers feelings of happiness and stress is dispelled.

5. Masturbation relieves menstrual pain

Most people don't know that: masturbation helps relieve period pain! Through the orgasm, everything is better supplied with blood, you feel great: It is clear that the pain will also go away. Instead of the pain pill, it is better to use the vibrator! Guaranteed to be more fun and you will feel 1000 times better afterwards, I promise!

6. Masturbation is said to protect against bladder infections & cervical cancer

A few more facts that are so far little known: Women who lend a hand regularly do a lot for their health! Australian scientists Anthony Santella and Spring Chenoa Cooper claim that women who masturbate regularly are less likely to develop bladder infections and cervical cancer. If that's not a good reason to have sex with yourself more often!

7. And: every third person uses sex toys

Masturbation with a vibrator or dildo is particularly fun. Read here: 7 tricks for even more fun with your sex toy

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