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Wall color white: which color covers best?

Everyone who has painted a wall has noticed that not all white is the same. But which wall color covers best? Stiftung Warentest has chosen the winners.
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The three best white wall colors
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White as a wall color is the classic in many apartments. Whether you are renovating, moving out or because you just don't like the old paintwork any more - at some point everyone picks up a paint bucket and sets the walls back to pure white. It is important that the wall paint covers the first step and that it can be applied evenly. Stiftung Warentest has currently tested 33 white wall paints. A total of 13 products cut at the Test with "good" from. The others were "satisfactory" to "sufficient". Only one interior color was rated "poor" due to the ingredients.

The three best white wall colors

What was particularly noteworthy in the test was that the three winners, each with an overall grade of 1.6, were all health and environmentally friendly colors due to their ingredients. Specifically, they are:

  • "Alpine white" from Alpina (10 liters / approx. 55 euros)
  • "Super white plus" from Düfa (8 liters / approx. 43 euros)
  • "Polar white" from SCHÖNER WOHNEN paint (11 liters / approx. 43 euros).

"Polarweiss" from our SCHÖNER WOHNEN-COLLECTION is also the winner at 0.55 euros per square meter Price-performance ratio. However, the price does not provide any information about the opacity. So one of the cheapest colors - "Ultra-Opaque" from Baufix with 24 euros per 10-liter container - received a "very good" rating for its opacity. In contrast, the most expensive paint "Plantodecor" from Auro (120 euros, container size: 10 liters) was only rated as "satisfactory".