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Lip vesicles


What can you do about cold sores?

A strong immune system reduces the risk of a virus attack. However, the immune system should be supported by a healthy lifestyle. If nothing helps, medication can help.

The most effective active ingredient today is acyclovir, which is also contained in the acyclovir Heumann cream. It inhibits the herpes viruses from multiplying in the virus-producing cells. Acyclovir penetrates the affected cells preferentially and is only there converted into its active form by the virus itself. Therefore, acyclovir does not attack healthy cells and is therefore very well tolerated.

What else should those affected pay attention to?

The cream is best applied with a cotton swab. This will help prevent additional germs from infecting your lips.

In principle, transmission of the herpes virus to areas that have not yet been infected, e.g. the eyes, is possible. Therefore, the lip vesicles should not be scratched under any circumstances, as the liquid it contains is highly infectious with its millions of viruses.

So, while the herpes "blooms", be careful with kissing and also with sex. Because the herpes viruses can even be transmitted to the genital organs through direct physical contact. In the same way, it is better not to cuddle babies during a herpes attack - the immune system of newborns is not yet fully developed, i.e. complications can occur more easily.