Why are some people unemployed

Unemployment: Health Effects

Much research shows that unemployment can worsen both mental and physical health. Unemployment and health are closely interrelated. On the one hand, unemployment occurs more easily with impaired health; on the other hand, unemployment has a negative impact on health. For example, people with chronic illnesses are employed less often, have a higher risk of becoming unemployed and poorer chances of being re-employed. The duration of unemployment seems to be essential for the effect on the state of health: the longer unemployment persists, the more likely it is that health complaints will arise. A further negative factor is that preventive health behavior such as exercise and a healthy diet are often neglected when unemployed. Sometimes alcohol and nicotine consumption increases.

Mental health effects

Even the first personal confrontation with unemployment can be psychologically very stressful. The new and uncomfortable situation can lead to excessive demands and stress. The loss of the job can be accompanied by the loss or restriction of social contacts, the usual daily structure, meaningful activities, financial security and recognition. The longer unemployment lasts, the more often negative psychological effects on health can appear. The following symptoms can occur, among others:

Physical Health Effects

The possible physical effects of unemployment include:

  • Increase in body weight,
  • Increase in blood pressure,
  • Increase in cholesterol levels,
  • Transition of already existing diseases into a chronic state,
  • Cardiovascular diseases,
  • States of exhaustion as well
  • general weakening of the immune system and thus increased susceptibility to infection.