Are you very creative and productive

This is how you stay creative and productive

Working in a creative activity has its good and bad sides. The ideas come when they want and are difficult to control. In other professions, the more and more results you get, the harder you work. Unfortunately, creativity sometimes sees things a little differently. The more you try to lure out the ideas, the faster you get burned out and you can no longer see the forest for the trees.

As a design student, that happened to me all the time. Each project had to be completed in a certain time frame and therefore had to grow from week to week. It happens quickly that you fall into this hole in which you have to have THE ONE idea by tomorrow morning in order to even be able to discuss it with your professor. At this moment the brain likes to say: Creativity? What's this? You, creative? Haha as if! And then there is panic.

There are a few nights when I just can't sleep and just toss and turn around trying to figure out some plan that might be a good idea ... or maybe not. Working under pressure and expecting myself to just function made me stumble from one stressful week into the next. This made my projects more of a mix of one running around like a headless chicken and trying desperately to focus again. I really tried everything.