How do I find a recruiter

5 tips on how to find the right headhunter

A professional selection process is crucial for this. Potential candidates are searched for in a targeted manner. After the exploration, only those candidates who fit the company, the task and their culture are presented.

The added value that a good personnel consultancy can offer you consists on the one hand in clarifying your personal ideas and goals. On the other hand, she has access to unpublished positions and knows what is going on in companies in the industry. Ideally, she always has a finger on the pulse of the times and can predict how the market will develop and opportunities will arise. For top positions, companies like to use specialized personnel service providers who offer executive search. If the annual salary of the position to be filled is well over 80,000 euros per year, specialized executive search consultants take over the entire recruitment process and accompany their clients from the job description to the last signature of the employment contract.

From the candidate's point of view, the recruiting process runs as follows:

  • The personnel consultancy will contact you
  • The candidate sends his / her documents to the personnel consultancy or to the individual contact person. The documents may already be available because contact has already taken place
  • The personnel consultant provides feedback on the current project status and coordinates the next steps
  • The personnel consultant conducts a personal interview with the candidate
  • Then only those candidates will be forwarded to the companies that have been approved and that the requirements match
  • If there is a match, an interview will take place with the candidate and customer
  • Open questions and contract content are clarified and the recruitment process is successfully completed
  • Good personnel consultancies offer you onboarding coaching and support you in your career over the long term

Explicitly align mutual expectations at every step of the process. Make it clear what the HR consultancy may and may not use your documents for. Exchange regularly with your advisor about the status of the recruitment process.