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The specialist for courier, express and postal services is widely known as a postman. Or as a postman, parcel deliverer or courier. There are some differences in terms of content, but also a number of overlaps. The most striking feature: you travel a lot and often meet people to whom you deliver your mail or parcels. For a long time, the monopoly on mail delivery lay with Deutsche Post. You can now also work as a postman for other service providers. You can find out under what conditions you can become a postman here. In addition, what career opportunities you have and tips for your application ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Postman chores

As a postman, you are responsible for ensuring that letters and parcels find their way to the addressee. When it comes to the job description, Swiss Post distinguishes between postman for letters (letter carrier) and postman for parcels and letters (network carrier). A lot is done by email these days, but not everything. This includes important official letters, registered mail, gifts, orders from the Internet or mail order business and even applications. All of this ends up from the mailbox at the letter distribution center, where a large part of the mail is checked by address reading machines and sorted accordingly. In the case of the non-machine-readable copies, the postman manually checks the address and provides the letter with a code.

You then put together your own route and process letter by letter or delivery. Regardless of whether you are a mail carrier or a group carrier: Postmen are on the move in wind and weather to deliver these items. So you have to be prepared to be outside all day in the rain or at 35 degrees in summer.

Depending on the region and district, the post office will provide you with a bicycle (sometimes e-bikes) or a car. In addition, there are appropriate uniforms.

Postman jobs

Postman training

There are two different ways to become a postman. On the one hand, a job as a postman is suitable as a part-time or student job. This means that lateral entrants are also welcome and then work on an hourly basis. The biggest difference here is likely to be in the payment (see below).

Classically, however, the postman is a recognized training occupation. The path leads through a two-year dual training course. Some of this takes place in the training company (often Deutsche Post or DHL), where trainees get to know the practical content. The theoretical basics are taught over one or two days or as block lessons in the vocational school. The entry requirement for this training is at least a secondary school leaving certificate or (preferably) a secondary school leaving certificate. The practical parts of the training of a prospective postman include the following:

  • Check and sort shipments
  • Plan the delivery sequence
  • Deliver shipments
  • Confirm receipt
  • Advising customers, dealing with complaints
  • Receive and document payments
  • Process undeliverable shipments
  • Use operating software (shipment tracking systems)
  • Receive shipments
  • Check dimensions and weights

In the theoretical part of the training, you will acquire the following knowledge, among other things:

  • German
  • Economics
  • Social studies
  • Rights and obligations
  • Organization of the training company
  • environmental Protection

Postman salary

Postmen already receive training allowance during their training. This depends on the respective year of training:

  • 1st year of training: EUR 750 to 830 gross per month
  • 2nd year of training: EUR 850 to 930 gross per month

The starting salary after successful training is between 2,000 and 2,300 euros gross per month. Depending on the professional experience, the exact field of activity and the region, the salary continues to increase over the course of the career. A gross salary of up to 3,000 euros is possible. In addition, there may be Christmas bonuses and surcharges.

It looks a little different if you are employed and paid on an hourly basis. The hourly wage is between 13.65 euros and 14 euros, well above the minimum wage. With a full-time job and 40 hours per week, however, you will get a maximum of 2,240 euros gross.

Employer: who is looking for postmen?

The largest employers for postmen are Deutsche Post and DHL. However, there are now many other freight service providers, courier companies and delivery services that can employ you as a postman.

Career Opportunities: The Prospects as a Postman?

The chances and prospects as a postman are good: More and more people are ordering products on the Internet, which is why the demand for network delivery companies is likely to increase. Deutsche Post advertises with good chances of being taken on after the apprenticeship. Due to the increasing number of deliveries, more and more postmen are required by other companies.

Also for the further career there are good opportunities as a postman. You can already add a third year to your training to become a merchant for courier, express and postal services. In this way, you stand out from others in terms of training, knowledge and competence.

There is also the option of further training to become a business economist for logistics or a specialist in freight transport and logistics. Or you can become an instructor yourself. Depending on your school-leaving qualification or relevant professional experience, you can also complete a degree that opens up additional career prospects. For example, you can study logistics, supply chain management or industrial engineering. Once you have completed your degree, you will find opportunities for management positions.

Postman application: tips & templates

Deutsche Post makes it very easy for postmen to apply. On the homepage you can apply for advertised positions with just a few clicks - even without a résumé. You fill out a form and upload the required files. Instead of an online application, you can also send the documents by post - in line with your job.

For a successful application you should have important skills and qualities. The job is more than just putting letters in the correct mail slot: You have to be reliable, resilient, flexible, physically fit and service-oriented. You have to express and prove all of this in your application. It is also advantageous if you have a driver's license. Typical formulations could look like this:

I've been with the XY hiking club for years. I really enjoy exercise in the fresh air. Working as a postman is the ideal opportunity for me to live out my urge to move and at the same time have customer contact.


The internship already showed me that I can quickly familiarize myself with new areas. I also quickly made connections with my colleagues, so that I am looking forward to a future job as a postman.


Regular visits to the gym keep me fit. That's why I dare to work as a postman for parcels and letters with ease.

Free templates with sample text

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