Lazy people are creative

These creatively lazy people only took laziness to a whole new level

"Lazy" people know that being lazy is not a choice. You were born to be a lazy poo. You probably wouldn't choose to be lazy; It just happens naturally, and there's nothing you can do about it. Even if they are miraculously could not Be lazy, would still lounge about, think about the ceiling, and not put off any attempt at reform.

There are "lazy" people and there are these "lazy" people. These people go out, procrastinating and with no effort. You take laziness to new heights ... and new lows.

To eat or not to eat?


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Nice name bro.


The fishing pole iPad.


Wal-Mart is basically a debutante ball.


A monitored pot never boils.


That's actually pretty brilliant.


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To be fair, it's pretty boring, so IDs.


Get the clapper!


Are you bringing your own chair? Highlighted in bold.


It's just efficient.


Hey, the floor is still getting cleaned.


They work hard!


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This man is a genius!


Maybe you shouldn't be drinking beer if you are feeling this bad.


This is actually quite a contradiction in terms.


Who likes washing up?


Pumpkin-scented candle!


Service at its finest.


That poor dog.


But this dog is awesome!


I don't think it works that way.


The best watch ever.


(via TheChive)

These people need to be motivated, but they definitely don't. Laziness is a disease and you are either born with it or you are not. These people have some of the more extreme cases of the disease. You should consider yourself lucky that you are not among them.

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