Girls like to lick their vaginas

Oral sex: 7 reasons guys love to lick girls!

Many girls orgasm much more easily during oral sex than during normal intercourse. But how exactly does it work? We'll tell you:


Licking a girl: how exactly does it work?

At the Oral sex will the vulva of Girl With Lips and tonguecaresses. You can carefully use the Vaginal entrance and the labia minorakiss or tender lick. How exactly you do that is up to you. Lots girl find it especially nice when your clitorisstimulates and there is a reason for that! Because as with Boys the Acorn, is at girl the clitoris the most sexually sensitive area. You can do it with the Tip of tonguecircle or nudge. You can do that try out how it is when one varioustried out and the technologyvaries. Which Touches especially Arrived well, you can see in the Reactions of Girl! A lustful moans means, for example, that she is there enjoy. Maybe it takes time and Experienceuntil you know exactly what she likes best, but that too is quite normal.


That's why guys like "licking":


Reason 1: hot prospect!

At the Lick enjoy many guys especially the view! The View from below on the body of Girl gets him going.


Reason 2: so close to the intimate zone!

Only at Oral sex one catches one like that close look on the Intimate zone and can not only look at them extensively, but also with Lips and tonguespoil.


Reason 3: You can taste the pleasure!

Lots guysexcited it not only that clitoris, the labia minora and the Vaginal entrance to kiss and to caress, but also that they are doing the Vaginal fluidtaste can.


Reason 4: Damp business

guys mostly find it very exciting, if the Scabbard of their girlfriendwet is and she thereby feel can how excited her sweetheart is!


Reason 5: Lustful foreplay

Oral sex is also great as a foreplay before the Sexual intercourse! The enjoy Boy it's not just that girlsexually aroused, but also really gets going!


Reason 6: licking to the climax

Lots girlenjoy it, from her sweetheart licked to become - because they are often faster to orgasm come than when Sexual intercourse. That's because the Boy at the Oral sex targeted the clitoris With Lips and tongueto satisfy can. And that turns on not only her, but also him totally.

Would you have known Exciting sex facts about orgasm can be found in the video:


Reason 7: He can control your lust

While he she licks, she can just let herself go and become her Lust surrender completely. Lots guys especially like that they are doing the excitement of their girlfriendTaxes can by using the Put that make them really hot.


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