What is the best hotel channel manager

The Channel Manager is an app that links your PMS (accommodation management system) to the popular online platforms. With the Channel Manager you have the data from all booking portals in your hand on one surface. The Channel Manager shows the bookings and availability at any time on the tablet, smartphone or PC. If a booking is received on one of the booking platforms, the channel manager updates the data.

Who are the best channel managers for hotels?

Hardly any hotel or restaurant location does not yet use the large booking platforms. Around 25 million travelers from the German-speaking population booked their trip online (Statista 2019). If a booking for the hotel is received on one of the booking platforms such as Booking.com, Expedia, Trivago, HRS, Airbnb, Agoda.com, the channel manager informs you in the same minute - via smartphone, tablet or PC.

Channel Manager - the central app for all booking portals

The Channel Manager is a time-saving and error-avoiding app solution for managing almost all rooms, from holiday flats, apartments, guest houses, hostels, hotels and campsites

  • Central overview of the occupancy
  • Central update of prices and availability
  • More targeted pricing policy (minimum stays, etc.)
  • Time savings in administration
  • Avoiding overbooking, recording errors
  • Receipt printing
  • Management of customer contacts, emails in one app

The channel manager in the hotel industry - these are the advantages

The availabilities of the hotel are visible in the Channel Manager at the push of a button. Regardless of which booking platform a reservation is received on, the Channel Manager takes control: bookings, availability, prices and rates from several booking platforms can be viewed simultaneously on the Channels Manager's interface. Data or prices of all booking platforms can be managed centrally at any time via the Channels Manager. Businesses without PMS can get access to the software on some booking platforms.

Hotel bookings under control - save time and avoid mistakes

The channel manager takes over the occupancy and release of rooms in the hotel. The guest's payment is managed and the booking period is entered in the calendar. As if that weren't enough, the hotelier also controls pricing policy via the channel manager. With the Channel Manager as the only app, prices and rates can be managed on all booking portals at the same time. If you want to use your own pricing policy on a certain booking channel - no problem, a good channel manager offers this solution too.

The hotel channel manager takes over the command

Instead of keeping the availability up-to-date on each individual booking platform and receiving bookings in writing, the channel manager manages the hotel's room plan and the online offers on the booking platforms. Without the supervision of the channel manager, there is always the risk of double occupancy. If a guest books the last room on Booking.com and another guest books this last room on Airbnb almost at the same time, problems will arise at the latest on arrival. The Channel Manager avoids double bookings. Once the last room has been taken, the offers are updated correctly on all booking platforms.

What does the channel manager have to do for hotels?

The PMS connection is important for the Channel Manager in order to manage the availabilities of the hotel. If the hotel business does not yet have its own management software, larger channel managers or booking platforms can make the software available or enable access. The price management should be able to be controlled independently with the Channel Manager on each booking channel. The most flexible possible interface to the booking engine, the booking platform and payment processing should be handled by the channel manager. Depending on the offer, the channel manager should be compatible with the relevant booking platforms - e.g. B. can connect holiday apartments, multi-bed rooms in the hostel or parking spaces on the campsite.

Popular hotel channel manager in Germany

Most channel managers use the cloud to manage their data. The current booking data is kept on an Internet server and can be viewed there at any time with the Channel Manager App. The most popular channel managers in the German hotel industry include dirs21.de, eviivo.com, siteminder.com, beds24.de and hotel-spider.com. In the holiday apartments beds24.de and fewo-channelmanager.de lead the field.

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