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A story of the horse - Sarah Lesch

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Testo della canzone A story about the horse (Sarah Lesch), tratta dall'album Out there

The birds flew low when the heroine got lost
And the evening sun stood between two trees
An old horse was still walking around here somewhere
And our heroine was good, she was good
And she was especially good at dreaming
We don't know exactly how it came about
Hm, hm, maybe the old moon knows
When the horse said to the heroine or the heroine to the horse
"Please take me somewhere!"
And so they rode off, for the horse was very strong
It could hardly stand still
But our heroine was good, she was pretty good
And she was especially good at seeing
The pursuers were close on their heels
And they made a creepy noise
But the heroine always looks straight ahead
And rides into the night despite fear

She carries a silent song with her
A pipe and a shirt
The bear gave it to her
For whistling when it gets stuck
But she knew right away or just guessed it
That she doesn't need the pipe
But good to know, good and good to know, she thought
And the bear knew that too
And the horse runs and its tail is made of gold
The morning sun did that
She also stretches her morning dew net around the trees
And that slowly drives the night away
The night and all its fear-biters
Who pretend to be wolves
And all of their owls singing nightmares
They are innocent and small

And as a sister day stretches her limbs
And the forest dismisses our heroine
Then she thinks she sees a little luck on the horizon
And holds it tight with her eyes
And the horse gallops through the dawn
The wind blows softly through the pipe
As the heroine suspects, because she was pretty, pretty smart
That they are close to the horizon
And the earth makes clouds of sand and dust
And the sky peacefully spans its tent
When the horse lifts its hooves, frightened
And stops just before an abyss
Our heroine swings with a pounding heart
From the back of the old mare
Because she knows that in the end you have to jump alone
Because otherwise it would be too easy
Because all really great treasures
You don't conquer carefree
You're right there over the horizon
Where the courage stops
She kisses her mare between the nostrils
And loosens your hand from the reins
Look down, sing her song
Jump and hope for wings

Meanwhile the abandoned horse remains
Stand amazed at the abyss
Snort boldly, jump down
And was no longer seen
Nobody knows where they are going
Only when the clouds are favorable
Can you hold the horse on the bosom of the moon?
And see the rider
And the tail is made of gold and the mane is gray
And the wings are invisible
And the heroine is wearing heavy boots
And long, flowing hair
I wonder if they're still falling
Or was it enough to fly?
What is behind the courage remains uncertain
Otherwise it would be too easy
Otherwise it would be too easy

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