Why did you stop being an electrician?

Without charging into the future: Generation change at Elektro Peter in Konolfingen

"Corona made the decision easier," says Dora Peter, who ran the store for 35 years. As a result of the lockdown, people were ordering their electronic devices from somewhere on the Internet even more often than before. And due to its age, the shop was only open two days a week before. In addition, from an economic point of view, continuing the shop was no longer an option for son Roland Peter. "The shop was a service for our customers, who valued them very much. We didn't ask whether it was profitable," says Dora Peter.


There was no official sell-out due to Corona. "But there is still a lot available to order," she says. So if you need exactly this one "battery pack", all you need to do is call or email. The business is not closed, as many people said. “The store was just the visible part of the business,” she says. That is why Peters have meanwhile given the shop windows a new face, which draws attention to the continued existence of the business.


Dora Peter: "I've listened to many"

To be there for her customers was always important to Dora Peter. "I had a lot of different people here at the round table in the shop," she says. Some came regularly and she took the time to talk to them. "I listened to many and that was absolutely right for me," says the trained nurse, who was able to take care of parts of her original job a little further.


Again and again she mentions her many good regular customers, who would have shown understanding for the closure. "I had a wonderful relationship with them and I don't want to miss the hours together," says Dora Peter. Closing the shop hurt her heart.


Fluid transition

But Dora and Hermann Peter haven't stopped completely yet. Both are still employed part-time at Elektro Peter GmbH. When exactly they will definitely stop is still open. "They should do what they want. Should be allowed to, but not have to," says Roland Peter. The family is fluidly shaping the generation change. Roland Peter will be working in the family business for 20 years next January. "We have been making ongoing adjustments for a long time," he says. He and his father would have always tried to find a solution that would fit both of them. "It's extremely nice for both sides." Nevertheless, the closing of the store represents a significant turning point for Hermann Peter.


In the newly gained time, Hermann Peter is now cultivating his passion for playing the alphorn, even if the coronavirus is currently making it difficult to perform. In addition, Dora and Hermann Peter also enjoy their grandchildren, the children of their daughter Anita (43), who is also responsible for accounting part-time in the company.

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