Where do rich people live in Lisbon

Those who travel often do not want to go back at all. It's too sunny, too relaxed, too tasty, too exciting on site. But how does a dream destination feel when you really live there? In our series, locals tell what makes them happy about their city and what causes them to burn white, what they advise guests against and what is indispensable for them. Insider tips of a different kind, recommended for imitation or avoidance. This time: Lisbon.

Mariana Duarte Silva, 39, co-founder of the creative project "Village Underground Lisboa":

+ + + "We like to party, and above all: we know how to party. We have a great nightlife and no problem staying up late - until the next day, when the music is good.

In addition, Lisbon is unique in terms of its light, the food, the weather, the cosiness and, above all, the people. I think we're pretty hospitable and open-minded and like to show off our city. It helps, of course, that most of them speak English. We learn it from an early age in school and movies don't dub so we always hear English with subtitles on TV. We like to pretend we know French and Spanish, but most of us are pretty bad at them. But we understand it and dare to speak it - without fear of embarrassing ourselves. I think we're pretty shameless too.

It's also nice that we can feel safe. Because Lisbon is safe. A few petty criminals occasionally steal from tourists on the tram, but everything is fine on the streets at night. " + + +

- - - "We have a bad habit: we can't let go of our cars. We're pretty lazy even when it comes to short distances, such as from one bar to the next. Sometimes we risk driving with alcohol. That has become less common, but It was a terrible bad habit, but in any case we tend to go everywhere by car, which causes terrible traffic during the day - it doesn't help that our public transport is very punctual either.

We can also be quite loud. A foreigner may think that they are arguing when they see friends talking to each other, but that's not true ... we are just like that. " - - -

Nuno Sequeira, 41, surf instructor and owner of "Surf Lisbon":

+ + + "Lisbon is the only capital in Europe where the ocean is only ten minutes' drive from the city center. You can mix cosmopolitan city life with white sandy beaches - and with waves for all surfers, regardless of whether they have never tried this sport or have already tried it a lot It's amazing, you can go to the beach in the morning, have a great lunch by the water (fresh fish and seafood!) Or in a small restaurant in the middle of the city, then walk up and down the hills of Lisbon to see the To experience the city with its long history. And enjoy the sunset with a drink in hand at a great vantage point - before dinner and who knows, possibly before a long and crazy excursion into the nightlife. Wow, we can do all of this in a single day do!" + + +

- - - "Lisbon only really gets me down when I have to go to the center, by car. The traffic is incredibly exhausting both in the morning and in the late afternoon during rush hour. Sometimes the city makes me curse even in winter, between November and February, when it gets cold ... well, at least for our feeling! When the temperatures drop below 10 degrees, I start to rant and wish for spring and summer back. But you know what? Even in these "colder" months can we surf, because the water temperature remains stable in all seasons, around 17, 18 degrees. So it's better to have fun in the water! " - - -

Celia Pedroso, 53, author ("Eat Portugal" and Culinary Backstreets):

+ + + "The nice thing about Lisbon: At the moment you can feel an unbelievable energy here that attracts people from all over the world - it's a global village again like it was in the 16th century. Back then, Lisbon was already a bustling metropolis with traders and goods from distant continents. Now you can see it again, people come from all corners of the world either to visit or to work - and today's traders and business people set up their start-ups.All this is most evident in the districts of Intendente and Mouraria, but also everywhere else in of the city - in the great gastronomic scene as well as in cultural life. The offer is totally different than it was five years ago. New restaurants that stand for this are, for example, Bairro do Avillez, Prado, Loco or Alma. " + + +

- - - "What's bad in Lisbon? The vandalism and the lack of protection of our cultural heritage. For example, people steal tiles from the 19th century and destroy the azulejo facades of historical buildings in order to sell them in flea markets and pretend to be it's legal. And as if that wasn't enough, tags and graffiti are being sprayed everywhere on centuries-old buildings, tiles, stones and monuments. It's like the plague, spreading everywhere. Why? Difficult to say. Maybe schools won't get enough Did you convey knowledge about our heritage? " - - -

Jorge Mourão, 46, geography teacher and employee in the town hall, leads via the portal "Withlocals"Travelers through his city:

+ + + "Lisbon offers a wonderful mix of all things that can make you happy - you can live relaxed, healthy, active and yet simply here. Every corner around us is irresistibly unique, the centuries have left their mark, layer by layer, from the ancient port city of yore to this extremely cool and progressive city of today. Here less is definitely more. All kinds of urban and technical trends are emerging and being creatively implemented. I love that people literally come from Alaska to New Zealand, in such a positive, intercultural and tolerant atmosphere.

We have countless specialties to offer, pastries or fresh fish and seafood. In June we always celebrate a lot on the occasion of the "Festas de Lisboa". The Avenida da Liberdade, the Restauradores and Rossio squares, the Rua Augusta and the Praça do Comércio by the water are ideal for pleasant walks. You can immerse yourself in the lively Chiado district or in the labyrinthine alleys of Alfama to get a feel for life in the city. And these are just a few suggestions. " + + +

- - - "Unfortunately there is very great social inequality and exclusion and a rapidly aging population. Things that drive me insane: an uneducated, lazy and stupid middle class, as well as new rich and consumer-crazy people, endless traffic jams in the morning and in the afternoon, organized gangs of pickpockets, I recognize them immediately and then warn everyone around me - I have a loud voice! A question that concerns us locals in particular is how to get affordable apartment space in the center, including that young couples, families and older people have a chance and are not pushed into the suburbs by gentrification. Unfortunately, public places are sometimes poorly managed and maintained by the authorities. " - - -