Why are blondes so beautiful

The myth of blonde Do blondes really have more fun?

The blonde ideal of beauty cannot be gotten off or off the head. And that, although there are hardly any real blondes and will probably soon no longer exist. Because blonde women are considered more attractive, more successful and also happier. But watch out blond girls, we now know your secret!

Marilyn Monroe's list of admirers reads long. Including, for example, the inventor of the theory of relativity. Although one of the greatest geniuses of our time, Albert Einstein himself fell for a sham. Because Marilyn Monroe was naturally brunette, as were her later colleagues Catherine Deneuve or Brigitte Bardot, who also helped her career with hydrogen peroxide. But where does the aesthetic ideal of light shine come from? A scientific search for clues.

Bye bye blond: real blondes are dying out

Before all blonde myths, let it be a fact: Blondes are above all good deceivers. Most of them are not really blond at all, but have their light dream mane illuminated in an artificial way. Only two percent of the population received the genes for golden-blonde angel hair from Mother Nature. However, since the genes for blonde hair are only inherited recessively (brown hair beats blonde hair) and more and more dark-haired and light-haired people combine, researchers assume that real blondes will die out in the medium term.

Birth of blonde: a genetic flaw

The reason for the main blonde color is a genetic defect called MC1R. Behind this sober description is a gene mutation that is responsible for the fact that no pigments, which are usually responsible for their color, are formed in the skin and hair. Researchers believe that this genetic defect occurred in prehistoric times. Also in Africa, where the history of human origins began. Because of the greater self-protection against the intense UV radiation of the black continent, the African primitive people typically had dark skin and black hair with high pigmentation. Fair-skinned people could not appear here through heredity, but only as the product of a gene mutation.

Blonde specialty: exclusivity makes you attractive

Rarity promises something special. This is not only the case with limited designer handbags, but also with human desires. Everything that is exclusive is interesting. Man wants what he cannot have. This, too, is a law of nature that was already valid in primeval times. Researchers therefore explain the spread of blonde women with the primal instinct of the Stone Age man to choose a woman for reproduction who was something very special. Among the dark-skinned prehistoric women, the Stone Age blonde was queen and thus the dream of many men. A fact that has apparently not changed to this day.

Blondes preferred

Blondes are considered a man's dream image. At that time like today. The man's prey scheme does not seem to have changed since prehistoric times. Maybe the reasons for that. After all, thanks to chemical enlightenment options, blondes have long since ceased to enjoy the right to exclusivity. Today, blonde is no longer a gift, it is colored well. Nevertheless, bright heads still drive the majority of men into bright madness.

Biologists explain that blonde women are particularly attractive to the male sex with the protective instinct that light hair should arouse. Babies and toddlers in particular have light hair in the first few years, which only turns darker over the years. The image that goes with light hair therefore has something childlike, innocent and needy, but also happy about it. If you pair these characteristics with the curves and charisma of an adult woman, men can hardly do anything else than melt away. Blondes embody pure sex and angelic innocence with exactly the same power of persuasion.

Blond in bed, brunette in front of the altar

Blonde temptations are exceedingly attractive to men, but nothing for forever. In any case, studies at a London university found that while men find blonde women attractive and sexy, they tend to prefer brunette women when looking for a long-term partnership. This phenomenon is explained by the modern man's desire for a strong partner with equal rights. The role models have changed in recent years. Nowadays, men no longer just want to take on the role of protector, but rather the role of partner. Blonde women don't seem strong enough. At least in terms of their image.

Blonde bluff: Success comes from bright minds

Blonde women are therefore considered attractive, but not tough enough. At least it seems so. Because if you believe a US study, bright creatures can only laugh at all the blonde jokes and in truth keep it in the spirit of cult blonde Daniela Katzenberger, who says: "Be smart, act stupid".

In fact, blondes are the more successful women. Cool blondes do their job in a cool way. According to the study, blondes are more aggressive and assertive in business than their brunette counterparts. Why? Maybe power blondes know how to use their sex appeal the right way. Maybe it's just choice blondes who camouflage their brunette brains with a blonde halo to ultimately get what they want.

Blonde beauty: care tips for blonde hair

+ Sun protection: Especially in summer, when the sun threatens to bleach the golden mane, blonde hair needs protection and caresses. If you love your hair and its color, you should definitely wear a hat outdoors or use a care product with UV protection to prevent damage.

+ Help from outside: The biggest enemy of all self-proclaimed blondes is also their best friend: hydrogen. The process of bleaching damages the main components of the hair (keratin, protein and amino acids). Repair shampoos and cures that use these ingredients to build up your body make up for deficits. Bleached hair also needs a lot of moisture so that it doesn't get too dry.

+ Anti-yellow care: Products with integrated lilac pigments or grandmother's old home remedy, namely a mixture of water, sugar and lemon juice, which you distribute in your hair and so bathe in the blazing sun for about ten minutes, help against the undesirable yellow tinge in bleached hair .

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