Why are careers in counseling popular

squeaker.net ranking: The most popular fields of activity in consulting

Which fields of activity are particularly attractive for prospective consultants? Management consulting is clearly preferred over all other entry-level positions.

"I already have some professional experience in the consulting industry, I am able to negotiate and work in a team. I have everything a consultant needs and I am sure that I would like to pursue a career path as a consultant!" But in which field of activity do you want to work? The participants in the consulting excellence study by squeaker.net have already made a choice. The following ranking shows which work areas are particularly interesting for the prospective consultant.

Consulting ranking: attractiveness of fields of activity

rankField of activity
 1Management Consulting
 2Joint venture between tech company and management consultancy
 3In-house consulting
 4Industry trainee program
 5IT consulting
 6no preference
 8Investment banking

Ranking on the question: Where would you most like to start / continue your career?

The consulting excellence study by squeaker.net has shown that 51 percent and thus more than half of all participants from top universities continue to regard management consulting as the most attractive field of activity in consulting. In-house consulting, industrial companies and start-ups are also popular with prospective consultants. What would you choose if you had an offer from the industry?

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