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How to Conquer and Date a Japanese Girl - Tips and Curiosities

Did you know a Japanese woman and have no idea how to conquer her? Have no idea how Japanese dating works? In this article we will see all the details on how to conquer and date a Japanese woman.

The tips in this article will not only help men attract Japanese girls, but will also help women understand how a Japanese head works. Only the girls reverse engineer this article and apply some of the advice written here. Girls can read our article on how to conquer Japanese men.

This is not a flirtation guide

I want to make that clear No one is like the otherWe don't want you to create expectations and stereotypes with this article. Many are disgusted with this type of article and guide and do not understand the true intent of the article.

This article will go over how Japanese dating works and how you can get into Japanese customs and get things done as correctly and appropriately as possible. We're using the term "conquer Japanese" to attract more readers, but we don't intend to endorse this type of flirtatious content.

Keep in mind that many Japanese or descendants living in Brazil have no knowledge of Japanese culture or language. Don't imagine us creating an infallible guide or saying that all girls are equal.

Sometimes you have to use standard methods to get a girl who is likely to have no interest in Japan, let alone anime and manga.

I don't want them to think I am stereotyping Japanese women. There are no rules or guidelines for attracting specific girls. I still have to use the term conquer Japanese if readers can't find the article.

While there are specific cultures, the tips may or may not work for any girl, regardless of nationality. Rather, this guide is about scientific and cultural studies of common behaviors, not generalizations or machismo.

What do you need to know before you win a Japanese girl?

The first thing you need to know is this Lots Japanese are extremely shy. This is the main factor that prevents many relationships from coming about. Japanese relationships are as slow as possible. Perhaps your Brazilian socialization skills can make you stand out or push the girl away.

In my opinion, if you are interested in just staying or taking a Japanese girl, it is best to be aware that most Japanese women are sensitive and have a good time. Moral-. In this guide, you will understand that winning a Japanese girl requires effort and real love, not just desires.

Japanese culture is often extremely shameful when it comes to public affection. Things like kisses, hugs, and even holding hands can be a difficulty early on in the relationship due to the couple's shyness.

Of course, you'll find Japanese women tossed around and shameless, just as you find Japanese women who don't have sex until after marriage, even though there are no religious laws. Let it be clear to you no woman is the same Do not stereotype women just because they are Japanese or because there are certain cultural customs in Japan.

It is impossible to write a guide on how to conquer the Japanese because even if they follow a cultural pattern there are still subcultures like moekei, tsundere, burikko, kigatsuyoi, gyaru and many others. Not to mention the descendants and regional cultural differences in the country. A girl from Osaka is very different from a girl from Tokyo or Okinawa.

The best and most important tip is: Get to know the girl, show interest in her, and be her friend. If you get to know each girl individually, you can win them over! Even so, I hope the tips in this article will help you get an idea of ​​what to do when trying to attract a Japanese girl.

Main myths in the Japanese relationship

Lots of people think so Japanese are cold people, one of the greatest myths of mankind. That certain coldness that some Brazilians believe exists is one of the results of extreme shyness and Japanese customs. The big truth is that the Japanese are always taught to put others before themselves.

A Japanese friend is unlikely to explode, revealing her feelings and anger. You have to be very attentive to know what the girl is thinking about you. If you are in a relationship with a Japanese woman, you will understand that even if she is very angry about something, she is unlikely to reveal it. Since this is just a stereotype, you may have a chance to attract a Japanese woman who speaks whatever she thinks.

Another mistake is thinking that you have no chance with a Japanese girl because you are not Japanese. This idea of ​​the ancient Japanese tradition of meeting Japanese women no longer exists. On the contrary, the Japanese prefer foreigners precisely because they are not that shy.

Is it true that Japanese parents do not approve of relationships with foreigners?It is true that many parents are conservative, but most parents try to see if the applicant is properly prepared for a relationship. They usually look at their job, financial situation, customs, and culture. Just be respectful like a Japanese!

Despite the custom of not showing affection in public, that doesn't mean you won't find them on the street. It is much rarer than in Brazil, but you will find affection such as kisses and hugs in public on the streets. This is more of a stereotype people create about Japan. There is no law against showing affection in public.

Tips on how to conquer a Japanese woman

You should be aware of the traditional tips for attracting a girl regardless of her nationality. Girls have the same characteristics as running their hands through their hair and pointing their legs at you if you are interested. You should always be an observer and try to catch these signals in conversation.

You should consider the famous cliché tips on how to be elegant, gentle and sociable. You have to let go of the shame, create opportunities, and make the girl laugh (that's the key). Don't try too hard to scare the girl, speak and take at least 30 seconds before viewing and replying to a message.

Some Japanese girls like to be treated like a princess in a sweet and gentle way. Of course, you shouldn't do this in a terrifying way, be squishy or overdo it, just do simple things and gentlemanly gestures like opening the door, carrying something heavy, or sending a message asking how your day is going is. Mainly because it is every man's duty to be a gentleman.

There are things that can make a Japanese girl's heart flutter (doki-doki), like rolling up her shirt sleeves, taking something out of a high shelf for her, and even knocking on the head. Of course, in order to make these gestures, it is good to have some intimacy and do it at the right time. These are simple gestures that you can use to impress any girl.

Meeting and speaking with a Japanese woman

Be yourself first! Nobody likes someone who pretends to be someone else. Then try to find out what the Japanese like. Try to look for similarities in your social networks like Instagram and apply them in a conversation. Basic knowledge of Japanese culture and the Japanese language is essential if you want to conquer a native Japanese who follows cultural customs.

One of the big difficulties in attracting a Japanese woman is that she almost never shows interest first. Unless you're a Japanese woman in your thirties, where culturally it's the age some are desperately looking for a husband (I'm not saying this, just watch a drama) I say from experience.

Never try anything in front of other people, some Japanese just hate feeling pressured. For example, one of the worst things you can do is try something out in front of your friends. No woman likes to be choked or uncomfortable. So expect her to be alone to try out certain movements.

When she speaks to a Japanese woman alone, it can be much easier for her to expose herself and talk about the things she likes or about certain topics that she would hardly talk about in public. Always remember to take it slow. Shy women do not appreciate certain gestures or attitudes that are too direct. Trying to hurry up digs your own grave and scares the girl.

Saying he likes the girl and questioning her

You need to be more confident and show that you are a determined man and friend. The Japanese prefer people who are close as friends. Maybe the friend zone isn't as dangerous a place as it looks. After you've had a friendship, lots of mutual conversations, and pointers she's interested in, you can try to explain yourself or ask her out on a date.

The Japanese usually declare their love (kokuhaku) before dating or even leaving. It makes sense that to do this you have to be absolutely sure that you want to reveal your feelings and that you want to find the right time to do so. If you win the girl over, it can happen that she confesses her love for you. Make sure you spend a lot of time with her.

Culturally, Japanese women are extremely polite and can easily accept your request for a date. That doesn't mean she cares about you, maybe she just didn't mean no. Others refuse to leave but it doesn't mean she doesn't like you, she may just be scared and shy.

Some Japanese women are waiting for the right date to be in a relationship or to have a date. The end of the school year, Valentine's Day, and Christmas are the main dates for romantic dates. Just be careful not to invite the girl without understanding how this data works culturally.

More tips on Japanese relationships

Don't think about asking her to live with you unless you want to get married. If you live together without getting married, the parents should already be preparing the wedding ceremony, and the girl is likely to be thinking about the names of the babies. This is a joke, but it is good to ensure or be clear about your intentions in the relationship.

In Japan, girls are in the Valentine's Day on February 14th. On March 14th, the boys have to return this gift on a holiday called white day. The real Valentine's Day in the west takes place on Christmas Eve. Remember to spend it with your girl, not family.

Of course, things don't stop there, there are several articles on our website that delve deeper into relations with Japanese. Below we leave a list of articles for you to read later.

Points for success in a Japanese relationship

I want to end this article by making a checklist of items that we have covered. This will allow you to make a brief summary of the main points to consider when conquering and dating a Japanese or any other girl regardless of nationality.

  • Be yourself;
  • Use common sense, be moderate;
  • No girl (o) is the same, conform;
  • Japanese are shy, shameful, and fearful;
  • Parents are not a problem;
  • Japanese women do not usually express their feelings;
  • You need to understand and respect Japanese culture.
  • You need to learn the basics of the Japanese language.
  • You have to know what she likes;
  • You have to be patient and take it slow;
  • Treat the girl like a princess, make small gestures;
  • Explain yourself the Japanese way (kokuhaku);
  • Spend a lot of time with the girl, become a friend;
  • Do not press the girl under pressure.
  • Don't forget the important dates;
  • Don't try too hard to scare the girl;

To conclude the article, I will leave a nice video of a foreigner interviewing Japanese about relationships and marriages with foreigners. Just turn on Youtube's subtitles to understand what they are saying in Portuguese:

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