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From funny to exciting: These podcasts are now a distraction

Listening to podcasts has been trendy for some time. It's not surprising, because podcasts are basically an extension of the many beloved TV series and documentaries that some of us have on our well-deserved, lazy Sunday afternoons.

Anyone who has long viewed their favorite series and is looking for a fresh program against boredom can seamlessly switch to the podcast. And best of all: while listening, we don't have to be stuck in front of a screen, but can do all sorts of other activities.

Do you feel like mucking out your closet or planting your balcony, getting ingenious relationship tips or accompanying a murder trial? Then watch out: Here are six podcasts that are really worthwhile.

# 1: couples biology

Sympathetic and honest: For everyone whose thoughts revolve around their (perhaps troubled) relationship, 'Paardiologie' could be a great podcast. Presenter and author Charlotte Roche and her husband Martin Keß speak openly about the ups and downs of their own relationship.

The two don't mince their words: From annoying arguments that everyone knows to very private problems such as flinging on the side. The main focus is on how the love for one another can last and how life for two can succeed with its ups and downs.

Click here for the 'Paardiologie' podcast on Spotify.

# 2: Mixed hack

Comedian Felix Lobrecht and comedy writer Tommi Schmitt have managed to combine practical everyday hacks, politics, funny gags and apparent nonsense in one podcast. 'Mixed Hack' can only be heard exclusively on Spotify since September 2019 and addresses a wide variety of things from our everyday lives and our society.

Overall, it's definitely a very entertaining format that puts you in a good mood.

Here you can find the podcast 'Mixed Hack' on Spotify.

# 3: lust for murder

Anyone who has already done all the crime and psycho documentaries on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co. should definitely continue with the 'Mordlust' podcast. Paulina Krasa and Laura Wohlers are television journalists and deal with real murder cases from Germany. Sometimes it is thought from the perspective of the perpetrator, sometimes from the perspective of the victim. The focus is on both the criminal law aspects and the psyche of those involved.

The true crime podcast started in July 2018. Since then, a new episode has appeared every week.

Click here for the 'Mordlust' podcast on Spotify.
And here you can find the 'Mordlust' podcast at Apple Podcasts.

# 4: TIME crime

A second tip for crime thriller fans is the podcast with ZEIT's deputy editor-in-chief Sabine Rückert. In her career, the journalist has proven herself to be an expert in crime and how to combat it. With her reports she has already uncovered two errors of justice.

Together with Andreas Sekter, head of the ZEIT Knowledge department, she delves deep into the most spectacular - mostly German - criminal cases. The main focus is on the reason for these crimes. Why does a man kill his twelve year old niece? Why does a woman have her husband shot? Where does the hatred come from? Questions like these are investigated in the ZEIT podcast.

The ZEIT Verbrechen podcast is available on Spotify.
And here you can find ZEIT Crimes at Apple Podcasts.

# 5: The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered

The lawsuit against Hollywood film mogul Harvey Weinstein is one of the largest and most serious cases in the #MeToo movement. The process is relived in the podcast with the American journalist Phelim McAleer and his wife Ann McElhinney. Statements by the actresses are repeated verbatim - very captivating and at times difficult to take.

McAleer and his wife comment on the process - but not always in favor of the victims.

The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered can be found here at Apple Podcasts.

Reading tip: # MeToo balance sheet: What happened to the biggest celebrity scandals?

# 6: fire and bread

The 'Fire and Bread' podcast is about feminism, self-love, female lust, menstruation and gender definitions in our society today. The freelance journalist Alice and the spokesperson Maxi both come from Cologne and have been friends since the fifth grade. They discuss, question and describe personal experiences.

The mixture of well-researched content and your own perspectives and experiences makes for an interesting overall package that really makes you think.

Click here for the 'Fire and Bread' podcast on Spotify.
And here you can find the podcast on SoundCloud.

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