What is it like to be a pharmacologist

pharmacology, the

He has authored numerous scientific books (almost all in French) on pharmacology and medicine.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, April 6, 1995

Based on such experiences, pharmacology made placebo control common practice in the 1950s.

Die Zeit, October 8th, 1998, No. 42

Entire research areas have therefore almost died out, complains Singer - such as molecular pharmacology or biological psychology.

Die Welt, 08/04/2003

There are also an abundance of systematic strategies against anxiety, such as those of education, psychotherapy and finally pharmacology.

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For the duration of my presence there, colleague Herter, professor of pharmacology, offered me and my wife hospitality.

Ostwald, Wilhelm: Lifelines. An autobiography, 3 parts. In: Simons, Oliver (ed.), Deutsche Autobiographien 1690 - 1930, Berlin: Directmedia Publ. 2004 [1927], p. 39464

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