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Name list: beautiful Turkish first names for boys and girls

In two federal states, the name Mohammed was at the top of the list of the most popular first names in 2019. But other Turkish-Arabic names are also often given in this country.

The name Mohammed was most frequently given to newborn boys in the federal states of Bremen and Berlin in 2019. After all, Turkish-Arabic names are also popular in this country. In addition to Mohammed, many parents also name their sons Ali, Malik or Amir. The name Layla or Leyla is often chosen for girls, but Amira, Elif and Aliyah are also popular.

The table shows which ten Turkish-Arabic first names were most frequently given in Germany in 2019. In brackets is the position that the name occupies on the overall list of the most popular first names in 2019.

The most popular Turkish-Arabic first names in Germany

1.Layla / Leyla (56)Mohammed (21)
2.Amira (91)Ali (73)
3.Elif (94)Malik (76)
4.Aliyah (104)Amir (91)
5.Amina (112)Ilyas (97)
6.Zeynep (125)Miran (99)
7.Meryem (128)Emir (101)
8.Ayla (130)Yusuf (107)
9.Medina (134)Hamza (111)
10.Azra (145)
Omar (138)

Source: Society for the German Language

The most popular Turkish Arabic first names in Turkey

In Turkey, other Turkish names are currently popular than in Germany. The top ten most frequently assigned names have only a few overlaps with the names from the Arab world that are given in Germany.

3.DefneÖmer Asaf
7.AselAli Asaf

Source: Turkish Statistical Institute

Many Turkish first names have their origins in Arabic or Persian. Often the names also have an Islamic reference. You will find pretty baby names for the offspring in our name lists.

List: lovely Turkish names for boys

Ahmet"the commendable"
Ali"the sublime", "the exalted"
Ali AsafAsaf: "God has collected"
Amir"the commander", "the prince"
Ayaz"freezing cold"
Birkan"from one source"
Coşkun"the lively"
Devan"the poet", "the zealous"
Dilan"my heart my soul"
emir"the commander"
Eray"New moon"
Esra"God is Help"
Evrim"the evolution"
Eymen"the lucky one", "the blessed one"
Ferhat"the fighter", "the brave"
Fethi"the conquest"
Güneş"the sun"
Haluk"the human", "well educated"
Hamdi"the praising", "the thanking"
Hamza"Lion", "strong"
İlkay"the new moon"
Ilyas"my God is Yahweh"
İzzet"the honor"
Karakaş"black eyebrows"
Kaya"the rock"
Kerim"the generous one"
Corkmaz"the fearless"
Malik"the king"
Melih"beautiful", "graceful", "friendly"
Miraç"Gate of Heaven"
Miran"the princely", "the royal"
Mohammed"the promised"
Mustafa"the chosen one"
Noyan"Commander in Chief", "Leader"
Oğuzhan"the heroic ruler"
Omar"the highest", "the firstborn"
Ömer"The life"
Ömer AsafAsaf: "God has collected"
Öner"someone who leads"
Ozan"the poet", "the poet"
Özgür"the free", "the independent"
Rahim"the merciful"
Rıza"the satisfied one"
Sağlam"stable", "firm"
Şeref"Honor", "Reputation"
Soylu"noble", "sublime"
Tamer"the respected"
Tarik"knocking on the door"
Timur"the iron"
Tunç"The bronze"
Turgay"the skylark"
Ufuk"the horizon"
Ümit"the hope"
Ünlü"known", "famous"
Uysal"peaceful", "meek"
Vedat"Love", "friendship"
Volkan"the volcano"
Yavaş"calm", "gentle"
Yiğit"brave", "hero"
Yusuf"God adds"
Zeki"the bright one"
Ziya"Shine", "splendor"
Zorlu"the energetic", "the determined"

List: beautiful Turkish first names for girls

Acelya"Flower from Paradise"
Afet"the beauty"
Akgül"White Rose"
Aleyna"God's gift", "the beautiful one"
Aliyah"the sublime"
Amina"the trustworthy"
Amira"Queen", "Princess"
Arzu"the desire"
Asel"Honey", "the sweet one"
Aslı"the sincere"
Ayla"with the moonlight"
Aylin"the moonlight", "the radiant one"
Azra"Purity", "virgin"
Bahar"spring", "youth"
Bircan"a soul"
Busra"the good news"
Cemile"the beautiful"
Ceyda"beautiful and tall"
Defne"Laurel", "laurel tree"
Devin"Movement", "impulse"
Dilan"my heart my soul"
Dilara"those who rejoice in the heart"
Dilek"the desire"
Ebrar"beautiful", "great", "the benefactress"
Ebru"Marble Paper"
Ece"the queen", "the ruler"
Elif"the slim one"
Elvan"multicolored", "multicolored"
Esra"the faster"
Ezgi"the melody"
Fatma"those who wean themselves"
Füsun"the magic"
Gamze"the dimple"
Gaye"The desire", "the goal"
Gönül"the heart"
Gülay"Rose moon"
Gülcan"Rose soul"
Gunay"Sun and moon"
Güzel"the beauty"
Habibe"the pretty face"
Hands"the smile"
Hasret"the longing"
Hilal"the crescent moon"
İdil"Idylle", "love poem"
İnci"the Pearl"
Itır"the scent", "geranium"
Jale"the dew"
Kaya"the rock"
Kıvılcım"the spark"
Layla / Leyla"Night"
Leyla"the night"
Medina"the enlightened city"
Mehtap"the moonlight"
Melda"very young"
Melek"the Engl"
Meliha"the sweet one", "the pretty one"
Meltem"gentle wind"
Meryem"the untamed"
Miray"Beginning of the month"
Nuriye"the beautiful"
Onur"the honor"
Özlem"the longing"
Parlak"shiny", "radiant"
Pinar"the source"
Rojîn"the sunny one"
Selma"Harmony", "peace"
Sevim"the loving one", "the sympathetic one"
Sevinç"the joy"
Şirin"the sweet one", "the pretty one"
Sümeyye"little sky"
Tuğba"Beauty", "Tree of Paradise"
Tuğçe"the little horse tail"
Tülay"the tulle moon"
Ulker"Composition of the stars of the zodiac sign Taurus"
Ulya"the highest"
Vesile"the reason", "the cause"
Yagmur"the rain"
Yaldız"the flowers in paradise"
Yeliz"beautiful", "bright", "airy"
Yıldız"the star"
Yusra"facilitate", "the beautiful star"
Zehra"bloom", "shine"
Zeynep"the desert flower"
Zülal"cold, clear, sweet water"