What does a counseling service do

Technical advisory service

The Technical advisory service (also: technical service or engineering service) of the integration office or the employment agency advises and supports with the redesign or the disability-friendly redesign of workplaces. Employers, severely disabled people, representatives of the severely disabled, works councils and staff councils can obtain advice from the technical advisory service, for example when new jobs are to be created, internal conversions carried out, technical work aids used or disability-friendly construction measures to be carried out.

In addition, the Technical Advisory Service of the Integration Office can be called in for measures in connection with prevention procedures, dismissal protection procedures and objection procedures and also for the establishment of inclusion companies.

The technical advisors of the technical service at the employment agency support the rehab team of the employment agency. a. in vocational counseling, training and job placement for severely disabled people and rehabilitation candidates as well as in examining the requirements for equality.

Tasks of the technical advisory service

The integration office's technical advisory service

The work of the technical advisory service is always related to individual cases and aims - also from an economic point of view - on sensible solutions for maintaining or creating new jobs for people with disabilities. The requirements of the workplace and the needs of people with disabilities as well as the operational conditions are checked.