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Digitization makes working life faster. E-mails arrive in a few seconds, cell phones mean that you can be reached at all times and countless PC programs carry out many different processes at the same time. Man is much slower in his development.

The demands of professional life have an impact on the health of workers. In the worst case scenario, stress at work can lead to serious illnesses. This leads to loss of staff and the associated costs for the employer. It is therefore worthwhile for both sides to reduce tension and tackle stress management.

More than half of the employees come into contact with stress factors on a daily basis. If the tension at work persists over a longer period of time, negative effects are inevitable. Relaxation and stress management have top priority.

What are the factors contributing to stress in the workplace?

A high level of psychological stress can have various causes in the job. Often times, the factors causing stress in the workplace work together and are mutually reinforcing. It is about the work and the tasks, but also about the working atmosphere and the framework conditions. The following points play a role in stress at work:

What are the consequences of stress in the workplace?

The factors work together. Tangible complaints arise when pressure is exerted on an employee over a long period of time. The consequences are not necessarily immediately recognizable and creep in over a period of time. They often appear like passing whims or bad days rather than stress from work. It is a matter of:

Difficulty concentrating
Worries, fears and other negative feelings distract from work. Agreements and specifications are forgotten and it is easier to make mistakes.

Blockages and blackouts
Stress in the workplace creates periods when workers cannot think. Problems simply cannot be solved and ideas do not want to come.

Negative feelings
Depending on the type of person, pressure triggers different feelings. Anger, irritability, nervousness or panic set in. Everyone reacts differently, but nobody reacts positively. These feelings influence the quality of work and the climate in the company.

Job stress not only affects the mind and productivity, it also affects the body directly. Serious illnesses, both physical and mental, can arise.

  • Heart and circulatory problems
  • Permanent fatigue
  • Headache and back pain
  • Physical valves such as grinding your teeth and rocking your foot
  • Weakened immune system
  • sleep disorders
  • Stomach and intestinal discomfort
  • Tinnitus
  • depressions
  • Burnout

(Source: Study by Techniker Krankenkasse and Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences)

Due to the individual handling of stress, the individual effects are different for each person. Negative experiences in the past reinforce the process. Some employees tend to be motivated by temporary pressure. If the stress at work continues, however, employees and tasks suffer. The body no longer breaks down stress hormones and is constantly in an exceptional situation.

How do you recognize stressed employees?

Small ailments often appear like annoying moods. However, they can indicate stress in the workplace if they occur frequently.

What measures do you take to counteract stress in the workplace?

Employers have a duty of care towards their employees. According to the law, you must prevent hazards in the workplace. The modern world of work not only harbors accidents, the psyche also quickly suffers from incorrect treatment. The complaints can build up to burn-out and result in a long absence of the employee. Correct handling of stress in the workplace is important. To do this, give each employee the freedom to manage their stress and relax.

If you have the feeling that one or more employees are stressed, you should seek the conversation. Especially when there is no strenuous phase and other employees have no symptoms for a too high level of stress.

It is important for all employees to prevent stress in the workplace in advance. If the first employees suffer from high stress, it is almost too late. You should reduce the factors of stress immediately.

The following measures help from the outset to avoid tense situations and phases.

Stress in the workplace arises quickly. It burdens the employee physically and mentally and the employer financially in the event of a failure. If you already have stressed employees, react quickly and seek a conversation. Prevention for all employees also makes a lot of sense. Your employees feel that they are being taken seriously and loyalty to the company grows. Reducing stress is a win for everyone.

Good luck with the implementation!

With a working time recording system like clockodo, you can easily track the working hours and overtime of your employees. You can intervene at any time and keep the stress factor overtime under control.

Katharina Bensch is the clockodo expert for topics related to everyday work.
With specialist knowledge of legal work topics and diverse experience as an editor, she oversees the clockodo info portal.

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