What is IU's best song

Three ensembles introduce themselves and describe in their words why you shouldn't miss their concerts.
Unduzo & Quintense
Double concert with the winners of the A-Cappella-Awards Ulm 2016 on Friday, June 30th, at 8 p.m. in the Lindenhalle.
There are exactly five reasons why you should experience Quintense live: Martin, Jonas, Katrin, Sabrina and Carsten. Because everything that happens to the five and around the five becomes quintensive. They neither stop at jazz, nor pop, nor jazzy pop or poppy jazz and always find ways to give songs their very own touch. What started as an exam ensemble in the teacher training course was so much fun for them that they simply didn't stop there. So they are now carrying their groove and their joy in music onto the stages of this world.

"Quintense" gives songs their own note. Photo: Marcus Fröhner

In the structure of the band Unduzo (read: And you so ... ?!) everyone feels obliged to their own creativity, individual taste in music, the demands on themselves and others and the desire to set the audience's emotions in motion.
In the current program, the band brings their own music and its diversity to the stage in an entertaining way. Everyone lives and loves differently. Your own points of view and life maxims do not always meet with mutual understanding. It is often about compromises and sometimes precisely about avoiding them and working out a clear line in all the possibilities and diversity of the band. At the concert, the audience not only remains a passive consumer, but becomes part of the background noise and opinion.
A cappella is the band's tool to bring their own musical influences and ideas onto the stage. Different styles of singing interlock with beatbox and live-looped lines. At home in the many facets of pop music, the songs are written for instruments and arranged vocal.

The band "Unduzo" offers emotions. Photo: Felix Groteloh

Fascination with romance
Songs of German Romanticism. Modestas Sedlevi? Ius, baritone from Lithuania Anna Anstett, pianist from Ukraine. The young Lied duo Anstett-Sedlevi? Ius will present their program "Fascination Romanticism" on July 2nd at 11 am in the Franciscan Monastery Cultural Center.
The Lithuanian baritone Modestas Sedlevi? Ius and the Ukrainian pianist Anna Anstett met during their studies at the Mannheim University of Music. They have been working together as a duo since 2015 and have already achieved many international successes. The fact that it fits together perfectly, both personally and musically, was already proven in the first joint project - their participation in the international competition "German Romanticism in Song" - where they won first prize after just one month of preparation. Her most recent awards include winning the sponsorship and pianist prize at the renowned "Das Lied" competition, in which she won over prominent jury members such as Thomas Quasthoff, Brigitte Fassbaender and Dame Felicity Lott, and the prize for the best duo at the international Brahms competition in Pörtschach (Austria).
The musical preference of the two artists is mainly the songs of the German Romantic period, which thematically corresponds to the title of the matinee. "Fascination Romanticism" unites the whole range of the song literature of this era and is divided into three subject groups: "Longing", "Fairy tales" and of course "Love". Masterpieces such as "Erlkönig" by Franz Schubert, "Mondnacht" by Robert Schumann or Gustav Mahler's famous cycle "Songs of a traveling companion" can be heard.
Benefit concert of the Rotary Club Ehingen-Alb-Donau. The net proceeds go to the Ehingen Community Foundation.

The song duo "Annstett-Sedlevicius". Photo: Rainer Koehl

Astrid Lindgren - "Be cheeky and wild and wonderful"
Children's concert with the Hamburg Ensemble Tityre on Monday, July 3, at 10.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. in the Lindenhalle.

Every time we stand in front of you children and parents with our program, we are curious to see how it will be here, in this city, in this room, with you as an audience: with you children and with you parents, because you were too Children who have already been read from Astrid Lindgren's books!
Our plan is always similar, we tell about three book heroes by Astrid Lindgren, we play and sing the songs from her films with you, and we have music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with us - he already composed as a small child and was Astrid Lindgren's favorite composer - and yet every performance is very special and unique! Because everyone participates, telling the story, singing along, acting - that is something new every time and that's why we look forward to every new appearance. The four of us from Ensemble Tityre are looking forward to experiencing this twice with you at the Ehinger Musiksommer!

On July 3rd there is the children's concert with the ensemble "Tityre". Photo: Photo studio Jesse