How well do you know British history

God save the King! How well do you know British history?

Which English king had six wives, two of whom he killed? And when did the UK join the EU? Test your knowledge of the country that is about to leave the EU now.

How well do you know British history?

Everyone knows that Britain was conquered by the Romans. But who conquered Britain?

Before we get really serious, there was a village in the Asterix series in Britain that Caesar's armies fiercely resisted. What was the name of Asterix's cousin living there?

Richard the Lionheart was King of England from 1189 until his death in 1199. He secured his place in the history books because he was kidnapped. Who kidnapped him and held him prisoner?

Leopold V, Duke of Austria
Friedrich I. Barbarossa, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

In 1215, under pressure from the barons, the English king had to enact an agreement that is still considered the most important source of English constitutional law today. What document are you talking about?

English declaration of independence

Let's stay with the English nobility: Which English king wanted a male heir to the throne so desperately that he had six wives, two of whom he had killed?

Henry VIII made a decision during his reign (1509–1547) that is still valid today. Which?

The English flag received its red cross
The appointment of London as the English capital
The separation of the English Church from Rome
The right to child benefit

From nobility to another British passion: France. In which war did France and England NOT fight each other?

Seven Years War in North America

The English were so belligerent that they took on the Scots too. But when were the two countries finally united into one kingdom?

In 1770, Captain James Cook reached what is now Australia and took possession of it for the British Crown. What did he call the first British colony?

Which area never belonged to the British Empire?

The royal house of Windsor had to give up its German noble family name during the First World War for political reasons. What gender were its members then?

House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Winston Churchill is considered one of the most important people in British history. What office did the politician never hold?

In which year did the UK join the EU?

Done. Thanks for playing.

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