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What does it cost to move to Canada?

Unlike a move within Germany, an international move can at high cost respectively. Therefore, you should first know about the financial aspects Think before you go deeper into relocation planning.

Did you know that you have the option of transporting your household items to Canada either by container shipping or by plane? After that is The plane faster but also significantly more expensive and is only worthwhile for small transports of up to 10 m³. The Shipping a standard container (20ft) when moving from Germany to Canada costs around 5000 €. But how much loonie (slang: dollar) do you need for the upcoming move? Below you will get a cost table, which should serve as a guide:

Number of roomsMoving costs
1 roomFrom € 3,000
2 roomsFrom € 3,900
3 roomsFrom € 6,400
4 roomsFrom € 7,100
5 roomsFrom € 9,900

The prices are only only estimates, because a move is very individual. The Composition of moving costs are made up of several factors, such as the distance between the starting point and the destination as well as the size of your move. The more you take with you when you move, the higher the costs. But how can that be Volume of your removal goods determine? Very easy: We have made our practical volume calculator available to you!

Tip: It is a good idea to sell your furniture and look for new furniture in Canada. So you not only save your wallet, but also the stress.

Checklist: Preparing for your move

Moving internationally sounds adventurous, but you have to some hurdles overcome. We therefore advise you to start planning at an early stage and to proceed systematically. The following steps Before moving to Canada, you should initiate:

Can you move to Canada?

It's not easy for us, but we have some bad news to share with you. At the moment, international moves are hardly or not possible. Read more in detail in our blog Moving despite the Corona crisis. Currently exists for Canada an entry ban, so moving during lockdown is difficult. Still there is Exceptions for entry or moving, if you:

  • Are Canadian nationals
  • Have permanent residence status

Stay up to date by visiting the website of the Federal Foreign Office.

Necessary documents

The move alone is challenging and now you can no longer find your documents? So make sure you do all of them important documents collect and store in a safe place. You should also find out in good time whether an unlimited visa is an option for you.


In front of you is a pile of things and objects - What seven things do you think you will take with you when you move? We can tell you one thing: Now is the perfect time to a-u-s-z-u-m-i-s-t-e-n.Argh ...Unfortunately, you can't get around that! One great advantage But you have to clear things out, because as already mentioned in the section above, you can save money with little moving volume. We have also put together a “Packing moving boxes” guide to help you with the To relieve work.

Moving to Canada: Customs

Good news: It will fall no fees for the import of personal belongings and furniture. However, you are obliged to keep your belongings within three days to be released personally at the customs of the port of destination upon arrival. For this you need a "Goods to Follow" List, which lists the complete container contents. The list should be available in both German and English.

Note: On the website of the Foreign Office you will find further travel and safety information for your move to Canada.

Application for the Social Insurance Number

To be in Canada work legally and Receive social benefits you need the so-called Social Insurance Number (Social security number). You can apply for this in “Service Canada Offices”. You will need your passport, your visa, your driver's license and the address of your accommodation. ice for your move to Canada.

Apply for forwarding order

Oh nooo - what about your package? So that you important broadcasts we advise you to apply for a forwarding service from the post office.

In addition to all the administrative tasks, there are of course also organizational tasks. So that you don't lose sight of anything and maintain an overview, we have created a moving checklist for you.

Tip:As you can see, the effort is much higher than when moving within Germany. So what can be said against a professional moving company that does the work for you?

residency permit

Are you planning to stay in Canada for more than six months? Hereafter is a Visa required. For your emigration to Canada there is different types of visasthat you can apply for

  • Family visa (Family class immigration): The "Family Class Immigration" is aimed at people who have close relatives in Canada. It is often referred to as a so-called family reunification.
  • Skilled worker visa (Skilled worker class immigration): The skilled worker visa is the most frequently requested visa. To do this, you have to pass an aptitude test with at least 67 points.
  • Nomination by the province (Provincial Nomination): Do you already know which region of Canada you would like to move to? Once you know, you can apply to the local authorities for a provincial nomination. This can increase your chances of getting a permanent residency permit in Canada.

Uff, that sounds complicated and already like moving to the USA. Almost because the differences This is mainly the point system and in the USA the green card!

tip: For more information on visa or immigration to Canada, visit the Government of Canada website.

Living in Canada

Canadians are known for their good nature, politeness and openness. But what is life like in Canada and are the cost of living like in Germany? Below is a list where you can use the price difference can see:

1l milk0,84 €1,61 €
Eggs2,23 €2,24 €
Cigarettes6,70 €9,67 €
Public transport - monthly ticket70,00 €61,24 €
movie theater10,00 €9,02 €

The Cost of living differ depending on the region. Therefore, some things are cheaper than in Germany and some are more expensive.


If you want to live permanently in Canada, you should not forget to deregister your apartment in Germany. So that you also have a rough idea of ​​how high the monthly rental costs in Canada we have created a table for you:

Room apartmentmonthly rental costs
2 room apartment in the city center857,29 €
2 room apartment outside the city center705,19 €
4 room apartment in the city center1.386,50 €
4 room apartment outside the city center1.151,59 €

Are you still looking for the right apartment? you find Offers on platforms on the Internet, for example on, for example on Rentboard or on rentfaster.

Working in Canada

as soon as you a work permit you can go looking for a job. The Canadian job market is setting Value on minimum standardsto protect workers. There is a legal minimum wage, health and safety standards as well as a maximum length of work. The statutory net income is € 2,121.59.

Popular professions in Canada are:

  • Construction professions
  • Engineers
  • IT staff
  • mechanic
  • electrician
  • Truck driver
  • doctors
  • Cooks

tip: Are you still looking for a job? At workopolis or monster you are sure to find a job that suits your qualifications.

Health insurance

Did you know that all Canadian citizens and immigrants with "Permanent Residence Status" have access to the snational health system Are "Medicare" insured? Health insurance is financed through taxes.

Note:Health insurance contributions are only due in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia!

In addition, it can still be an advantage to have a Private health insurance to complete the move to Canada. To find an insurance that is optimally tailored to your needs, you can use the service of our partner Pacific Prime. To find out more, just click on the banner below.

Setting up a bank account

After moving, it is advisable to open a bank account. All you need is your identity card, proof of address and your employment contract.

Below is one List of financial institutions:

Education System

Did you notice that the education system in Canada is too high best in the world belongs? The school system is divided into:

  • Elementary / Primary School
  • Junior High / Junior Secondary
  • Senior High / Senior Secondary

You can find out more about this on the MyStudyChoice page.

In conclusion

Do you already feel like a true Canuck (dt: a true Canadian)? If you are interested in further articles on the subject of moving, we have prepared the following for you here.

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