At what age do you complete elementary school?

Primary school in Germany

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What exactly do children learn in primary school and from what age can children attend it? You can find out that and more here:

What is a primary school?

The primary school creates an educational basis for later learning and promotes the personal development of children. Elementary knowledge and basic social skills are taught in the first four years. The focus is on reading, writing and arithmetic, which must be acquired in a targeted manner. The primary school children are introduced to systematic learning step by step. Additional subjects in the artistic and sporting field are also intended to promote interests and talents. In addition to education, psychomotor skills are also developed. In elementary school, the children should be supported in such a way that they are able to think, act, learn and work independently in their later careers. You learn the human interaction and interaction. This is particularly important for later team building in training and at work. In this way they acquire a basis for their further school career and later life.

From what age do children attend primary school?

Children go to schoolwho have reached the age of 6 at the end of June. Children who have reached the age of 5 and are sufficiently developed physically and mentally can also start school at the beginning of the following school year.
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All school-age children are admitted to primary school. Primary school usually lasts four years. Depending on their development and ability to learn, or if necessary, the children can repeat the first and second grades one to three times. This is to ensure that even children with learning difficulties can complete the later school workload of the upper level. In individual cases, special schools can also be attended in the primary sector. Usually, deficits or learning difficulties are already discovered in these children in preschool age, so that attending a special school is recommended.

Preparation for elementary school

Which subject matter is taught?

In the first two years of school, a teacher, the class teacher, usually conducts all of the lessons. This means that the children have a caregiver and gain confidence more quickly when questions arise and tasks to be completed. From the third grade onwards, subject teachers increasingly teach the young students. Here they are now being prepared for the future secondary education, in which there is a specialist teacher for each subject. Every year more school subjects are added to the timetable. Generally speaking, the subjects are taught in school years 1 to 4

  • mathematics
  • German
  • Local history and expertise
  • Works or textile design
  • music
  • art
  • Sports
taught. In addition, many schools have so-called working groups in which interested children can deal with elective topics. Nowadays, English lessons are of course compulsory from the third grade onwards. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of language skills and expression. Grammatical backgrounds only become important in high school.

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