Which MBA stream offers more employment opportunities?

Online studies at Allensbach University: All information at a glance

If you are thinking of starting an economics degree online, you are on the right website: The Allensbach University offers you various possibilitiesTo put your project into practice. Regardless of whether you want to work in management or in the field of adult education - with an online course at our distance learning university you lay the foundation for a successful career. Apply now for a place at the university!

Online studies with a bachelor's degree

In addition to computer science and psychology, one of the most popular subjects in the area of ​​distance learning courses is Business administration. With a business degree, you can work in almost any commercial enterprise: The options range from the fashion industry to IT and sports business. Business students are considered to be All-rounderwho are very flexible and can quickly familiarize themselves anywhere. Thanks to their academic background, they are ideal for management positions predestined.

At the Allensbach University of Applied Sciences, we offer the "Bachelor of Business Administration" online course with various specializations. This allows you to align your studies with your own interests and qualify for activities in your preferred industry. You can currently choose from the following focal points:

  • Business psychology
  • SME and craft management
  • Start-up and innovation management
  • Fashion management
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Digital business management
  • Corporate taxation
  • Corporate Health Management
  • Construction and real estate management
  • Banking

The study will completed entirely online. This means that all learning material is made available via the Internet - including all lectures and seminars. Only to the written exams you have to appear in person at one of our national examination centers. If you are abroad at the time of the exam, we will find a suitable solution - please do not hesitate to contact us.

The online course in business administration lasts for six semesters (based on full-time study). However, you can also complete the course part-time and extend the period of study accordingly. You can also do this with the Masters and MBA distance learning courses, which we would like to introduce to you below.

Online studies with a master’s degree

If you already have a first degree, you will find it at Allensbach University attractive postgraduate courses in front. The online course "Business Administration and Management" is ideal for those interested in management. You acquire valuable expert knowledge and qualify for positions at the middle and upper levels of your company. By choosing a focus, you can set your own accents and delve into topics such as Big Data or Industry 4.0.

The second option is the “Finance” master's degree, which is aimed at professionals from the financial sector. Possible employers are, for example, banks, savings banks, insurance companies, family offices and fund companies. Professional associations and management consultancies also employ graduates of the “Master Finance” online course. The prerequisite for enrollment is a first professional or equivalent degree in a degree with a focus on economics.

In addition, we offer the online course “Master of Business Education”, which combines educational and economic content. Graduates find employment in business schools, vocational schools and other educational institutions. Employment opportunities can also be found in personnel development and in-company training. The lateral entry into the teaching profession is possible in Baden-Württemberg after an 18-month preparatory service (legal clerkship).

The duration of our distance learning master’s courses is included 24 months. A free extension of up to 50 percent is included in the tuition fees (read more about this in the section “Costs of an online course at Allensbach University”). We would be happy to check the crediting of preliminary work for you, which can shorten your online studies.

Online studies with an MBA degree

The MBA is an internationally recognized title that opens many doors for you. If you want to get started professionally and take your career to a new level, an online MBA is the right choice a good foundation. We currently offer the following distance learning courses with an MBA degree:

  • MBA General Management
  • MBA General Management plus
  • MBA Engineering Management

The MBA General Management is an 18-month online course with strong practical relevance. You will be prepared for activities in management and will receive business training that will predestine you for positions with budget responsibility.

Our students include lawyers and medical professionals, but also humanities and natural scientists - in other words: academics who share their expertise Business administration skills and management know-how want to combine. After completing your studies, you can hold a management position in a commercial enterprise or become self-employed, for example as the head of a private clinic.

The MBA General Management plus is an additional offer that includes a specialization in one of the following areas:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Engineering management
  • marketing

Engineers, computer scientists and natural scientists will find a suitable online degree in the MBA Engineering Management. The students deal with the digitization of business processes and at the same time receive comprehensive management training. After completing your studies, you can, for example, work as an information management coordinator in a company, manage digitization projects or get involved in internal or external consulting. The standard period of study is 24 months.

Online course costs at Allensbach University

The cost of your online studies depends on the distance learning course you choose. If you decide on the Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, you pay a monthly fee of 325 euros. In the case of the distance learning master’s courses, the monthly costs amount to 590 euros. If the standard period of study is adhered to, the bottom line is a cost of 11,700 or 14,160 euros.

It must be added that studying online at Allensbach University is problem-free can be extended. You can increase your length of study by up to 50 percent expand without incurring additional costs. You only pay the normal monthly fee when this threshold is exceeded.

Funding opportunities and tax deductibility

Unfortunately, it is impossible for the state to cover the costs of online studies in full. However, you are entitled to a maximum 12-month funding by the BAföG office. The prerequisite for funding a bachelor's degree is that you have not yet reached the age of 30 and that your online degree is a first degree.

Consecutive master’s courses are also eligible. There is an age limit of 35 years. In this case, the first degree that has already been completed must be a Bachelor’s degree. You can find a powerful BaföG calculator here.

Note that your income is based on the BaföG entitlement is taken into account. Unfortunately, this means that part-time students go away empty-handed in many cases. On the other hand, the income is secured through the job, which means that a central problem of studying virtually takes care of itself.

There are also a number of other funding options, for example:

  • Promotion grant from the BMBF
  • Bundeswehr funding program
  • Study funding of German education
  • ICU scholarship
  • Scholarships for everyone (mystipendium.de)

Student or education loans can also be a financing option. Above all, the KfW student loan and the federal education loan should be mentioned. The credits are with favorable conditions how long repayment periods and low interest rates are linked.

Your employer may also be interested in contributing some of the online tuition fees. The advantages for companies are manifold: The distance student can stay in the company, apply what he has learned in practice and later move to a higher position. Sometimes the employers even pour Bonuses off, for example for passing the final exam. The most attractive form of promotion from the employee's point of view is one temporary reduction in working hours in connection with a grant.

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