What kind of watches do rich people wear?

Watch right or left: 10 rules for wearing men's watches

Clock left or right, that is the question? One thing is certain: men with style need a men's watch with style. The VALMANO magazine reveals what needs to be considered. Here are 10 rules for a stylish appearance. If these are followed exactly, MAN (N) is equipped for every situation.

1. Clock right or left: WHERE do you wear the clock

The question: "Where do you wear the watch" is actually easy to answer, isn't it? The watch is always worn on the left - that's what they say over and over again. However, the situation is no longer that deadlocked: Nevertheless, there are some more or less loose "rules of conduct".

Wear watch right?

Left-handed people think relatively little of it. You answer the question on which side you wear a watch a little differently: They prefer to wear the watch on the "non-dominant hand", i.e. on the right in their case. That means: You can wear the watch on the right as long as you only pretend to be left-handed.

In principle, however, these rules are no longer binding. However, depending on the occasion and the environment, questions or at least slight astonishment can be avoided if one observes these “traditions”.

Actually, it should mean: on which arm do you wear a watch or at least on which wrist: After all, you don't wear the watch on the hand.

2. How big can the watch be?

With an 18 cm wrist circumference, the case should not be larger than 40 millimeters - says a rule of thumb and rule of thumb, for which there can always be exceptions.

3. Leather or stainless steel bracelet?

A men's watch with a leather strap makes the watch much more discreet and inconspicuous. With a shiny watch on a metal bracelet, the watch comes more into focus. The advantage of the stainless steel bracelet is that it fits almost any outfit.

A leather bracelet looks elegant when the color has been coordinated with the rest of the clothing.

4. Understatement or show what you have?

Avoid an over-the-top nouveau riche style. Too much "bling-bling" can seem artificial. Watch connoisseurs appreciate stylish understatement. Please don't get it wrong, quality can have its price, but you don't have to be too aggressive about it.



5. Where should the clock be?

Slightly above the wrist. So the watch looks stylish and correct. With casual clothing, the watch can sit a little lower, for example with the sleeves.

6. How should the clock sit?

Not too tight as this could leave skin marks. Rule of thumb (yes, again) A little finger should fit between the case and arm when the bracelet is closed.

7. Is smart stylish?

Why not? The digital all-rounders are now available in almost every design. But be careful: there is a risk that the wearer will spend more time working with the smartwatch than concentrating on the situation at hand.

8. Round or square?

Round watches are classics and are just as trendy as square ones. There are no rules here and whatever you like is allowed.

9. What watch do you wear to work?

If the industry is creative, you can move a little further away from the generally applicable dress code. The more formal the work environment, the more discreet the watch should be.

10. Watches are an expression of individuality

Despite these tips and rules for wearing a wristwatch, the following applies: Use the watch as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. You can make a statement with your watch, especially in the uniformed men's business world.