How do you describe femininity

Femininity from a man's perspective

What femininity is and what isn't is highly controversial. Is it a construct of society, a mystery of creation, or just simple biology? In any case, you can obviously experience and feel it. It plays a role in a woman's self-confidence and identity, as well as in a man's choice of partner.

Flooded with clichés?

Low neckline, high heels and lots of make-up on your face, is that feminine? Or how about: weak, beautiful and bitchy? Or: shopping tours, love films, coffee gossip? Understandably, many women are unwilling to have themselves and their gender categorized in this way. Nevertheless, most women do not feel completely comfortable using the term “femininity” only anatomically. After all, there is also a certain grace and enormous strength associated with it in secret. A woman can make a man feel strong. A woman's vulnerability and weakness, whether they are fictional or real, provokes a tremendous reaction in men. This means that they have a strong influence on their behavior. The American comedian Bob Hope once said: "When a woman traces her lips, it is like when a soldier is cleaning his machine gun.

Strength through femininity

It's not just about tacting with weakness, but also not just about sexual attraction, but about a certain feminine loveliness and gentleness that have an absolutely disarming effect on men. A certain kind of devotion and understanding of how women relate to one another are things that are largely closed to men. Men are often in a world in which strength, performance and competition, together with a certain rationalism, are the pillars. If women can certainly also achieve success in this male world, their real strength does not lie in playing according to the rules of the game. Women are nowhere near as dependent on authority and respect as men to achieve their goals. Oscar Wilde said "The story of women is the story of the worst tyranny the world has known. Namely the tyranny of the weak over the strong.

Self-conscious femininity

Of course, that doesn't speak against self-confident women. But rather for a self-confident woman. Men look for women who dare to be weak by their side and are therefore strong. Women who are aware of their femininity and do not have to wear the pants in the relationship because they know that the dress offers a lot more legroom. But this is not about women having to align themselves with men. But on the contrary. It's about recognizing female strength and engagement. To shed light on the fact that femininity is not an invention of the oppressive apparatus of the patriarchy and certainly nothing that men invented or even have under control. The point is to say that the fruits of the work of a mother and wife go far beyond the combination of a birthing machine and cleaning lady. A self-confident femininity that is at peace with itself is a factor that should not be underestimated.

Women decide how strong men can be

Women who treat men with tenderness and vulnerability, but also with a certain determination, will often be more successful than those who want to score with emancipated autonomy and independence. A woman who lovingly asks her husband for something will encourage him to do much greater deeds than one who keeps his ego down in a commanding voice. Of course, there should be no “command” in a relationship at all, but women seem to be less interested in “the man for whom they are allowed to be strong” than “in the man who is strong for them”. Women expect self-confidence, a willingness to take responsibility and strength from men. To do this, however, they have to be willing to show respect, trust and devotion.

Behind every great man there was always a loving woman, and there is much truth in the saying that a man cannot be greater than the woman he loves lets him be.“At least that was the opinion of Pablo Picasso. If one does not regard this "behind" as the shadow of the man, but as the place behind the curtain, without which a theater would be inconceivable, one can perhaps also, as an emancipated woman, abstain from spitting poison and bile at this remark . Although it is absolutely not the case that women, especially not the "female" ones, are always in the shadows.

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